Capturing Memories With My Verizon Droid RAZR

I am the mom with the camera. Always. I dare not miss an opportunity to capture a memory of my girls. Over the years, I have gotten very good at remembering to bring the camera. What I have not gotten good at remembering is to check the status of the battery and make sure the memory card is actually in my camera. I cannot begin to explain to you how frustrating this is.

While I still prefer my camera, my Droid RAZR provides a solution. Yes, I know most phones have cameras (including my old phone), but not all camera phones are created equal. The camera on my Droid RAZR is eight mega pixels with a flash. For non-camera people, that means I actually get a decent picture from the camera. Don’t get me wrong, I am not ditching the good camera, but in a pinch at least I won’t miss the memory.

Here are some pictures I took with the camera on my Droid RAZR.

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Verizon Driod Razr Pic

(Who needs toys, I’d rather chew on my toes!)

In addition to pictures, the Droid RAZR takes video (something I have never had on a phone). Like the still pictures, it’s not just video, it’s good, HD video. Having never had video on a phone before, I didn’t really think about video quality until a friend sent me a video she took on her phone of our girls. While hilarious because our girls are adorable, it was terribly grainy and pixelated and the audio was hard to hear. Not my video, check out my tiny dancer shot with my camera phone when yes, I forgot the memory card in my camera.

Not too shabby right?


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