Making A Difference, One Coupon At A Time

When I created my baby basket for the Champions For Kids All You Simple Service Project, I really didn’t have a donation location in mind. I had a couple of ideas, but nowhere I was totally committed to donating my basket. But any time I coupon for good I have a Field of Dreams like faith (if you build it…) that a need will arrise. Sure enough, within days of completing my basket, the perfect need arose.

My moms club decided to support Kids House of Seminole this spring by donating Easter baskets for the kids. What donation already looks like an Easter basket and is ready to go? My baby basket for my Champion for Kids project! (Check out my Google+ story for more details about what’s in my baby basket.)

Easter Baby Basket

After checking with my friend organizing this donation that Kids House does indeed care for babies, it was set. (Kids House even has pacifiers and chew toys on its every day items they need list, perfect since both are in my basket.) Couponing for good strikes again, a need arose for a donation and I was ready to go.

Kids House of Seminole

Kids House of Seminole is a children’s advocacy center that works with  children of all ages who have suffered abuse.

Our mission is to prevent child abuse and to aid child abuse victims and families by providing coordinated services in a safe, child-friendly environment from report and investigation through treatment and resolution.

To accomplish this mission, Kids House provides a child-friendly facility for information gathering and treatment for victims of abuse.

To encourage members to donate Easter baskets, the moms club hosted a pizza party in the park. In addition to the completed basket, I had a few extras that could be combined with other donations to make another nice basket. So we loaded up and headed to the park.

Look at all the Easter baskets we collected at the party!

Easter Baskets

In addition to play time and pizza, the kids discovered “fishing” for tadpoles in the lake pond. Oh boy! Luckily, K was happy to let daddy catch fish and she didn’t get muddy like her pals. (Yeay!) And Baby S and I took the opportunity to try the carrier on my back so mommy could be hands free. (I think I still prefer front wearing, but she was pretty happy back there.)

Learn more about how you can get involved with Champions for Kids SIMPLE Service projects by following them on Twitter (and follow the hashtag #AllYouCFK to see what other’s are doing for their projects) and on Facebook.

Time to start couponing for good again since I have nearly depleted my stash of donation goodies that way I will be prepared when another need arises.

Disclosure – This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias, however, all thoughts an opinions are my own. #CBias #AllYouCFK 

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