LeapFrog Presents Numberland ~ Review

We’ve had a lot of sick in our house over the last month, like a lot. Three different rounds of things, thanks preschool. So the TV in our house has been working overtime to entertain sick minds while our bodies rest lifeless on the couch.

After days of a high fever I knew K was finally feeling better, but I didn’t know how much better she was until I put on her new LeapFrog DVD, Numberland, for the third time in as many days. Instead of lying there motionless, she sat upright and focused on the TV. As Scout and Violet began counting, K counted along and answered questions. It was a happy moment. Not only was the interaction a sure sign that she was feeling better, it was also a sign that she was learning too.

LeapFrog Numberland

Don’t get me wrong, K didn’t learn her numbers from watching the DVD three times. We’ve been working on her numbers for sometime now, and she’s really good at the basics. What I was impressed, however, was some of the more “mathy” things she was doing like counting by twos (although not well) and telling the numbers they were out of order at the birthday party (with certainty).

Of course, her favorite parts were the songs, which she not only sang too but also got up and danced to as well. At the end of the DVD, just before I was about to shut it off, K informed me there was a special song after the credits. So we waited. Sure enough at the end of the credits the “A E I O U” song came on. My dancing diva is already very familiar with this song from Phonics Farm so she easily sang along about vowels. (Yes about vowels, something I most certainly have not taught her about so credit definitely belongs to LeapFrog.)

We were turned on to the LeapFrog series last fall by a friend, and they have been a hit in our home ever since. The newest addition, Numberland, is no exception. Numberland is currently available on Amazon for $11.99.

Here’s a sneak peak at one of the songs from the DVD:


Disclosure – I was provided a copy of this DVD to facilitate this review, however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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