DIY Christmas Crafts For Less Than $10

I love to be crafty. It is so much fun to actually make something with my hands, and the best part is that it doesn’t have to cost much to make something beautiful. I am happy to say that I have passed along my crafting bug to my daughter, who loves to be my assistant and help me make things.

Before making my projects, I needed a few supplies so I headed to Walmart to check out its craft department. I was totally impressed with the selection of kid-friendly supplies I found. I was inspired with tons of ideas for future projects. See my shopping trip and step by step pictures of my projects in my Google + story.

Here are three simple projects anyone can make (yes, even you who believes you are not crafty). Best of all, you can make all three projects for less than $10 each (assuming you already have glue and tape on hand). How’s that for inexpensive entertainment.

Project 1 – Reindeer Crown. My little princess loves to wear hats and crowns. For thanksgiving we made an Indian Crown that she wore for days, so I thought it was only fitting we should make a Reindeer Crown.

Materials –

Project time 5 minutes.

Start by cutting two 3 inch wide strips of brown paper. Next, I used the double-sided tape to adhere the googly eyes and the glue to adhere the red nose. While that was drying, I traced and cut out my daughters hands on the tan paper. Then I taped the ends of the strips of brown paper together on one end and measured my daughter’s head before taping into a ring. Finally, I used the double-sided tape to adhere the hands like antlers to the crown. Ta-da.

Since a big part of frugal crafting is to use what you already have on hand, I ended up using card stock paper for my craft instead of construction paper because I already had that on hand. Because I used card stock, I didn’t end up needing the popsicle sticks, but if you use construction paper, you will need to glue a popsicle stick to the back of each hand to help them stand upright.

Project 2 – Homemade Christmas bows. There’s no need to spend a fortune on bows to make those Christmas packages pretty, when you can easily, quickly and cheaply make homemade bows. (Note, you can make these bows out of any paper, but if you have a little one in the house, using their artwork is just plain cute!)

Materials –

Project time 5 minutes.

Start by cutting your paper into strips 3/4 of an inch wide and eight inches long. (Note, I did eight inches because my daughter loves to draw on copy paper, but if you want bigger bows use longer strips.) After cutting all of your strips you will make figure-eight loops with each strip placing a dot of glue where each end meets the middle of the loop. The CraftBond™ Flexible Dual Tip Glue Pen works very well for this project because it is very tacky and dries pretty quick, so you don’t have to hold your loops. After you have made five (or more) loops, its time for assembly. Place each loop inside the next loop alternating directions until you have a nice full bow. Ta-da!

Project 3 – A Christmas Card Holder. Running out of places to stash all of those Christmas cards? This easy DIY card holder will solve your card organizational woes.

Materials –

Project time 10 minutes.

Start by cutting your Bi-Fold Foam Board in half, you will only need one side. Then use the double-sided tape to adhere the scrapbook paper to the board. Next adhere your letters. (Note, the easiest and cheapest letters are sticker letters. I used chipboard letters that I spray painted because again the most frugal crafting is to use what you have. The bottom line is what ever you have for letters will work.) Next make four slits in your board for the ribbon (two top and two bottom). The easiest way to do this is with a craft knife, but scissors work too. Then run your ribbon ribbon through the slits and knot in the back. Add clothes pins and hang. Ta-da!

I didn’t want to put a hook on my door, so I used some twine I had laying around the house and strung it over the door to hang on the hook on the other side of the door.

There you have it, three fun projects that won’t break the bank for you to create during Christmas break.

Disclosure – This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias, however, all thoughts and opinions are my own. #ElmersHoliday

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