The TODAY Show Jill’s Steals and Deals for November 1, 2011

The TODAY SHOW is back with another installment of Jill’s Steals and Deals for Tuesday, November 1, 2011. These deals tend to sell out quickly, so you’ll want to act fast. Be sure to take note of all of the details of each deal, as some products may take up to 8 weeks to arrive.

*TheSuburbanMom is not affiliated with The TODAY Show or Jill’s Steals and Deals. I am only reposting the information to help spread the word to my readers.


Robes by Love Ophelia
Retail price: $138 to $158
Discount price: $33
Percent discount: Up to 79% off!

Love Ophelia is offering their robes at deep discounts for TODAY viewers. They come in three styles: The Tulip collection, which is made out of rayon; the sheer Chiffon robe from the Etheral collection; and a lace robe from the To Have and To Hold collection. Each come in different colors and sizes.

The shipping price is $10 and it could take up to six weeks to arrive.

Millano three-piece towel set
Retail price: $50
Discount price: $14
Percent discount: 72% off!

The Millano three-piece towel set is made of Egyptian cotton and includes a wash cloth, a hand towel and a bath towel. They come in six colors: Taupe, gray, sage, brown, ivory and cream.

The shipping price for the towels is $7.99 and the estimated arrival days is Nov. 22.

Nikki and Lulu “Astro” Leather Dog Collar and Leash Set
Retail price: $150
Discount price: $37.50
Percent discount: 75% off!

Nikki and Lulu are offering their dog collar and leash set at a big discount to TODAY viewers. It’s available in different sizes and five colors — black, brown, plum, orange and blue. It includes a charm that comes in all of the zodiac signs or a “Year of the Dog” 2012 symbol.

The shipping price for the collars is $10.50 and they could take up to four weeks to arrive.



LaRocca Body Salty & Sweet Duo
Retail price: $78
Discount price: $23.50
Percent discount: 70% off!

LaRocca is offering their skincare package at a big discount for TODAY viewers. The set includes:
– Salted Pumpkin Body Scrub
– Cranilla Body Souffle
It gently exfoliates the skin with pumpkin and sea salt followed with a body creme with notes of cranberry and vanilla that calms the senses, soothes the body and moisturizes dry skin.

The estimated shipping price for the skincare set is $7 and it could take two weeks to arrive.

Kristen Bell for Erica Anenberg bags
Retail price: $395
Discount price: $68
Percent discount: 83% off!

Erica Anenberg is selling handbags designed by actress Kristen Bell at a deep discount for TODAY viewers. It comes in three styles — messenger, tote and hobo — and six colors, including jet black, chocolate brown, charcoal gray, camel, fuchsia and navy blue.

Part of the proceeds go to the charity Invisible Children, and your order comes with a bracelet made in Uganda by the charity.

The estimated shipping price for the bag is $16.95 and it could take up to four weeks to arrive.

*TheSuburbanMom is not affiliated with The TODAY Show or Jill’s Steals and Deals. I am only reposting the information to help spread the word to my readers.

34 thoughts on “The TODAY Show Jill’s Steals and Deals for November 1, 2011”

    • The next installment of Steals and Deals on The TODAY Show will be today around 9:15. I’ll be posting a link to the deals as soon as they become available.

  1. trying to log on for Jill’s steals and deals and cannot find log in, only showing for 11/1/11. Help! Want comforter!

  2. Thank you for your quick reply. Is this segment every other Tuesday and always after 9 a.m. or do dates and times vary?

  3. Thank you for your quick reply. Is Steals and Deals every other Tuesday and always after 9 a.m. or do dates and times vary?

    • The TODAY Show used to air the segments every other Tuesday, but they have just recently switched to every Tuesday between 9 and 10 am ET.

  4. when a item is sold out but the 24 hours arent up is there anyway to get the item with a raincheck for when the item comes in i can order the item example i went to order 5 of the eclipse down allergy free alternative comforter for $36 on november 8th

  5. I have ordered twice from here and so far have received nothing… how long does it take.i ordered other stuff from different places and it is already here.. i need these things for Christmas.

  6. I purchased two of the capes/shawls, or so I thought. The page came up at the end saying a confirmation email would be sent. However, I have not received any such response. I sent an email to but have received no response to it either. This is meant to be a Christmas gift. HELP!!!

  7. I also baught the Ruffle Shawl from Aprilmarin,and they took my money but I have not seen the Shawl yet or an email!!! You cant get with them no phone number or anything HELP!!!

  8. I also ordered (3) shawls from Aprilmarin,and they charged my card, but have not heard or seen anything. Can’t get a response from email. Who can I contact?

  9. I ordered the Millano Collection Towels on 11/1 – I received them, washed them, and they fell apart. The receipt they e-mailed me and the receipt in the package said absolutely no returns (I definitely know why). Am I stuck with these useless towels? I ordered three sets in brown and one in an off white color. This is the first time I have ever ordered anything from Jill’s Steals and Deals and I really don’t believe I will be ordering anything else!!

  10. I ordered 4 sets of these towels and on 11/29/11, one set arrived in a box large enough for 4 sets. No paperwork included and I never received an email notification of shipping. Credit card was charged some time ago for all 4 sets. I have emailed the company twice with no response yet, so tomorrow I plan to contact my cc company to see if I have recourse. The towels certainly seem much lower quality than the show indicated. I also ordered a purse the same day and it has nt arrived although cc was charged on same day as towels. I will not be ordering any more steals and deals for sure.

  11. I bought the leash and collar set from Nikki and Lulu – waited over a month to get them – and they are the wrong color!! I am scared to death to send them back, no telling how long it will take for that – then when I did try to get ahold of the company – they have no working number and the email is an automated response. I hate wasting $50, and it seems like that is what I did!

  12. In fairness, I have to report that after two emails and contacting the website, I received a reply indicating that I would get a refund for the 3 missing sets. It appeared today on my cc account! So, the result is one set of cheap towels that I hesitate to wash because they are so thin.

  13. I ordered 2 of the bags by Erica Ananberg. I have not received any notice of shipment and I am giving them as Christmas presents. Please help me find what has happened to my order number 5483440671

  14. I also ordered the handbag by Kristen Bell by Erica Anenberg on November 1 and have not received it. I did get an email acknowledging by purchase and charge to my credit card on Nov. 3. I have not yet received confirmation of shipment. This makes the promotion of Steals and Deals of Today’s Show look bad. I know I will never watch nor order anymore products promoted on their show. I have always had high regards for everything they promoted by not anymore.

  15. I ordered a handbag by Kristen Bell on Nov. 1st and have not received the purse or any information about the purchase, except it has been charged to my credit account. I need someone from the company or the Today show to let me know what is going on. I will not be ordering from steals and deals any longer.

  16. I ordered my bag Nov 1 and it is Dec 16 and still no bag. Where is it and who can I speak to on the phone please?
    Thank you. Joann Rickley

    • Hi Joann – I am not associated with Jill’s Deals and steals or the retailers, so I cannot give you info on your order. The best I can do is direct you to the contact information I found on the Today’s Show page –

      Kristen Bell for Erica Anenberg bags
      Phone number: (424) 259-0657
      Email address:

      Note – I removed your phone number and email from your comment for your protection.


  17. I am not happy with these towells. I bought 4 sets. The hems are unravelling. There are constantly strings hanging off. Worst of all they are not absorbant at all!!! And the sage color is ugly. And there’s no refund on them. I’ll never buy from Jill’s Steals and Deals again. I am highly chagrined.

  18. Completely disappointed by Niki and Lulu and thought you should know about it.

    Ordered 2 “Astro” leash and collar sets on Nov. 1st but never received them. Charge was made to my credit card, I’ve called a number of times, but still not a leash or collar has been received. “Jan” claims to have sent them out and each time I call she says she’s sending out another set out that day. Nothing arrives.

    Notified credit card co. this AM that merchandise was never received and they’re challenging the transaction.

    Might be a good idea to more thoroughly check out the organization your recommending on national television before actually recommending them. Having NBC essentially promote a product carries a lot of weight.


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