The TODAY Show Jill’s Steals and Deals for November 8, 2011

The TODAY SHOW and Jill Martin are back with another installment of Jill’s Steals and Deals for Tuesday, November 8, 2011. These deals tend to sell out quickly, so you’ll want to act fast. Be sure to take note of all of the details of each deal, as some products may take up to 8 weeks to arrive.

*TheSuburbanMom is not affiliated with The TODAY Show or Jill’s Steals and Deals. I am only reposting the information to help spread the word to my readers.

**Web-only deal available exclusively to fans of TODAY on Facebook. Like us there to find the coupon code and link to purchase the product**

Vinyl Monogrammed Decals by 2 Preppy Girls
Retail price: $75 – $99
Discount price:  $15
Percent discount:  Up to 85%
Discount code:  Like us on Facebook to get the discount code
(To purchase the decal sets, get the discount code from our Facebook page. From that page, you’ll be directed to the site where you can order the product. You’ll be prompted to enter the code before proceeding. Then choose the desired product and complete the checkout process.)

2 Preppy Girls is offering decorative vinyl adhesive decal sets at deep discounts to TODAY viewers. The decals feature the monogram of your choice and come in 6 color options (white, hot pink, navy blue, lime green, black, brown) with four font options and your choice of glossy or matte finish.

The decals come in four package options:

  • 6 sets of 3-inch decals
  • 4 sets of 7-inch decals
  • 3 sets of 11-inch decals
  • 1 23-inch

The estimated shipping cost is $5.95 and delivery can be expected within one to four weeks. For more information and to buy the $99 product for $15, click here and like us on Facebook.

Eclipse Down Alternative Comforter by Living Quarters
Retail price: $150 – $220
Discount price:  $36
Percent discount:  Up to 84%

These reversible down alternative comforters are available in twin, full/queen and king sizes and in various colors. Each machine-washable comforter features a 230-thread count cotton cover and comes with a three-year warranty. Note: The king size comforter is not available in pink or purple.

This product will ship for free and can be expected in 10 to 15 business days.

The Ever Poncho by Lux Collexion
Retail price: $180
Discount price: $39
Percent discount:  78%

The one-size-fits-all Ever Poncho is made from a soft cashmere blend and is available in black, cream, Christmas red and royal blue. Get in on this hot trend — sported by the likes of Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Garner — without breaking the bank.

The estimated shipping cost is $8.95 for the first item and delivery can be expected in December.

Retail price: $125
Discount price: $29
Percent discount:  77%

These glamorous suede belts are perfect for a wardrobe update and come in three varieties, all available is small, medium and large sizes.

  • The Special Edition Laurel Belt is a high waist belt featuring vintage ruffle details and stretches at the back for a comfortable, stylish fit.  Color options are black, chocolate and natural.
  • The Special Edition Las Palmas Belt (pictured) is a hip belt with woven chain detail for an edgy style that’s biker meets rocker meets debutante. Color options are black and chocolate.
  • The Special Edition Hillhurst Belt is an adjustable high-waist belt featuring gold “horse-bit”-inspired clip  hardware. Color options are black, chocolate and gray.

The estimated shipping cost is $12 and delivery can be expected in four to six weeks.

Charmed Circle Bangles
Retail price: $150
Discount price: $37
Percent discount: 75%

Sold at high-end retailers, Charmed Circle Bangles come in either sterling silver or 18-karat gold over silver with your choice of semi-precious stone, including blue topaz, purple amethyst, smokey quartz, clear quartz or citrine.

The shipping cost is $9.95 and delivery can be expected in four weeks.

Isotoner smarTouch Men’s & Women’s Gloves
Retail price: $42
Discount price: $12.50
Percent discount: 70%

Skip the frozen fingers this winter by wearing smarTouch® gloves from ISOTONER®, which allows you to operate your handheld touchscreen devices like smartphones, MP3s as well as ATMs and GPS systems — all while keeping your hands warm. The thumb and index finger are embroidered with conductive thread that conveys an electrical impulse to the touchscreen allowing for accuracy. Available in black for both men and women. Men’s sizes small to x-large, women’s sizes x-small to x-large.

The shipping cost ranges from $6.95 for one pair up to $22.95 for 15 pairs and delivery can be expected in three weeks.

*TheSuburbanMom is not affiliated with The TODAY Show or Jill’s Steals and Deals. I am only reposting the information to help spread the word to my readers.

34 thoughts on “The TODAY Show Jill’s Steals and Deals for November 8, 2011”

  1. I think that these are real cool and awsome deals my nana loves to shop and she always finds the best prices that no one else is able to find.

  2. Is there any way to get a rain check on the Isotoner Smartouch gloves Deal? I live on the west coast and tried to buy them even before the segment was concluded here; but, they were all ready sold out. Thanks!

    • While I am not affiliated with the Today Show, so I can’t answer for sure, I believe they have only a limited amount available at that price. I recommend contacting the retailer directly to see if they can help, but I don’t know how far you will get. Here’s the contact info:

      Isotoner smarTouch Men’s & Women’s Gloves
      Email address:
      Phone number: (310) 230-8245
      Expected delivery time: Three weeks

  3. How long does it take for stuff to get here. I have ordered twice from Jill and nothing so far.. I ordered from other places and that stuff is already here.. these are Christmas gifts…

    • Hi Julie – You have to click one of the links with in the post to retrieve the codes from the Today Show, however, the deals are only good for 24 hours and that window has passed. Be sure to check back next Tuesday for more Deals and Steals. In the mean time check out all of the other deals posted on my blog 🙂

  4. Tried to get the duvet as soon as announced during the Today Show and for several hours thereafter. We’re East Coast time. Never did work … very disappointed. I’ve enjoyed other Deals in the past and they usually seem available.

  5. on sept 20 I took advantage of the ahh bra specials on jills steals and deals on the Today show. I was informed the bra’s would ship in 4 to 6 weeks. I called on November 7 and was told they had no record of my order so then I emailed the address that was on my order confirmation. I then received an email that my order was found and shipped on Oct 29. I should receive it within 7-10 days. On November 11 I called again asking where is my order. I was informed they were very sorry and would send out my order. I should receive it withing 3 weeks! I am wondering if anyone else has had this problem. I sure hope the bra’s are worth it. Or, maybe I will never receive them. Thats the way it looks!!

  6. Very disappointed as well. I placed an order at the end of September and haven’t received my order or any kind of update and also have been unable to contact the company.

  7. Makes you wonder if Jills deals are just a scam to fill time slots for The Today Show!!! It seems a lot of people have problems getting the merchandise she offers.

  8. I have orered several items from Steals and Deals andhave been happy with al purchases. It does take sometime to receive them but it is worth it when I receive the items. I price all iems on the internet and pricing has been a deal.

  9. Takes way to long to receive merchandise. Ordered two ruffle shawls on Oct l8th and still have not received them. Do not order anything if you expect it by Christmas. Also, trying to reach manufacture is impossible.

  10. I too ordered scarfs on October 4th and have yet to receive them… says 30 days expected delivery… these are gifts and no one will even answer my emails about when to expect the order… UGHHHH what a scam

  11. I purchased 3 items from 10/18 show, only received 1 out of 3, credit card was charged. I’m not able to get any information to call the vendors. There seem to be a lot of good deals here but I’m not sure I would purchase again base on my experience so far.

  12. Ordered the gloves on Nov 8, received confirmation and credit card was charged, but have received nothing so far. Emails go unanswered, and no one answers phone # provided… just goes to ‘mailbox full’
    Is it just very poor customer service or a total scam????!

  13. I am also beginning to worry my order. I received an email with tracking number and was patiently waiting for my order to arrive. Thought that I would check the tracking details and item shows as delivered on Monday, but I never received it:( I was home all week too. Guess I just wasted $20 on some gloves I’ll never see.

  14. I also ordered the gloves on 11/8 and have tried to contact the company. I realize they receive an overwhelming amount of orders, and that it takes a while to fulfill them all. However, they could send updates and/or answer our inquiries. Lastly, they SHOULD NOT charge your credit card when you place your order! That should only happen when they ship your items!

  15. Okay! I have an update. I finally received the gloves and they are very nice. Great quality and completely fur lined. The M/L is a little snug on me which I am surprised about, but still I am very happy to receive them. I also ordered on the 8th so, hopefully, yours will arrive soon.

  16. I’m glad you received your order. My order was placed on October 18 and as of today still have not received 2 out of the 3 things I order! This is really frustrating.

  17. where is my order? you said it would be sent in 4 weeks .i sent you mail and you said is now the 13th can please tell me when they will be sent… this a christmas gift.. i was planing on taking them with me to boston on the 18th. it be nice if you could expidite this order for me…it’s all the money i have for this very special gift!! please let me know when…thank you…charmed circle bangles


  19. Very upset. Finally received the LUX Collection Shawls ordered on November 8th. Unfortunately, both items are the wrong color! Order was for “dusty brown’ but received “dark grey”. Packing slip states “FINAL SALES” which would be fine if I received what I ordered. They are Christmas gifts purchased to match chocolate brown tote bags which were to be given as a set. Now what?????

    • Very sorry to hear your order arrived incorrect. You’re not the first person I have heard that from on previous deals. I would try to contact the company direct, and if that does not resolve your issue contact The TODAY Show here. If you are a Twitter user, try sending Jill Martin a message at @jillmartin as she seems to be helping resolve issues too. You can always open a dispute with your credit card company if they don’t get it fixed. Hope this helps.

  20. Just received the 4 bangle bracelets ordered on November 8, 2011. Soooo disappointed. They are very small and flimsy, not at all what I expected. If they ever sold for the $180.00 people were nuts to buy them. These bangles are suited for preteen or teens not the adult women I purchased them for. They have a no refund no return policy which I feel is not fair do to the fact that the merchandise was not represented correctly. After spending over $150.00 on junk, I now need to purchase other gifts to give instead of the bangles. Will Twitter Jill Martin to see if she can resolve this issue. I really feel a refund should be issued. I’ll gladly send the bangle back!

  21. I ordered two ponchos that look NOTHING like the one’s in the pictures. One side barely covers one shoulder. They almost look like Dickies on one side. Can’t even wear them they look so silly. The charmed circle bracelets I ordered look ok, but do NOT feel like silver. They feel like silver coated plastic. I cannot find the 925 stamp anywhere on the bracelet, so it makes me wondered if they cut costs on these to match the prices offered on the Tpday Show. The stones on the end are clearly glued on, I can still see the glue.

    The Isotoner I touch gloves are fine. Exactly what I expected.

    Don’t think I’ll order from Steals and Deals again.

  22. I ordered these ponchos as Christmas gifts for my two daughters-in-law and was extremely disappointed in the quality. When I opened the package, I thought half the poncho was missing. Definitely not as advertised. Can’t imagine how Jill Martin could recommend such an inferior product.

  23. Why are so many people disappointed with their merchandice that they got in the mail or that they did not get or it was late,why should she be aloud to be on the show if her stuff is bull crap?

  24. Could you please tell me how to get to Jill’s steals & deals from KLG & H show. Yesterday, on Nov 6, they showcased the orange champagne gift set complete with orange gloves. I’m on the Today show site and CANNOT figure out how to get to the gifts. I Em’ed Today, but I’m sure I’ll never hear from them. Thanks so much!!!


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