Welcome Baby Girl

At 40 weeks and two days, the wait was finally over. Of course, these things never go as planned, so I didn’t get my spontaneous, “Time to go to the hospital,” that I so desperately wanted. Nope, baby girl was overdue, and it was time to prod her along. So it was a set  date, and the night before I packed and then waited some more. It was a weird concept to me, to have everything so planned. Not the way I envisioned it, and somehow the plan made things so much more nerve wracking. I guess because there was time to think, lots of time…

In the end, the induction was a smooth process, and labor was, dare I say it, not as bad the second time around. (With the exception of the period between when my water broke and my epidural was finally in — that was hell.) My advanced progress prior to the induction (that should have meant a baby weeks earlier), did mean things moved quickly and didn’t take much. Only a few short hours after the induction began I was holding a beautiful, healthy baby girl.

Baby Sydney was born October 11, 2011 at 10:49 am weighing in at 8.4 lbs and measuring 20.75 inches.

Big sister K is enamored with her baby sister, and everyone is doing well. (Just a bit tired.)

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