Mine for Nine, Maternity Clothing Rental Review

When I received my invitation to fly to LA to attend the Hollywood Premiere of the Lion King in 3D, my first thought was logistics. My second thought was, “What will I wear?” For the first time in my life, I could honestly say that I had NOTHING to wear to such an event. After all, how many 8-month pregnant moms do you know who keep fancy dresses around, just in case?!

After calling a couple friends to see if anyone had anything I could borrow – hoping someone attended a wedding while prego – I was at a loss. I certainly didn’t feel like hitting the stores to spend buco bucks on a dress that I would certainly wear once. Then I remembered an online shop I had seen earlier in my pregnancy, Mine for Nine. I didn’t have to buy a dress, I could rent one – genius!

It didn’t take long to pursue the selection of  maternity wear to know exactly the dress I wanted to wear — Short Tube Dress.

Placing my order was also quick and painless, and my dress arrived two days later. I tried it on, and it was perfect. Yeay! So instead of stressing out and combing the mall for the perfect maternity dress for my special event, I had a dress with a few clicks of my mouse for under $50 (for a dress that retails for $144)! (Good thing since I had 8 days between my invite and the day I had to leave.) Oh, and except that I told everyone who asked, no one would have none the dress was borrowed because it was in pristine conditioned when it arrived (and when I sent it back).

At Mine for Nine you can rent dresses, suits, tops, skirts and more — pretty much anything you need. While I don’t think it would be practical for every day of your pregnancy, it is perfect for special occasions, a trip to a very different climate or even to add a couple of pieces here and there – especially toward the end when you really feel big and tired of your wardrobe. You can rent the items need for one month or more (two weeks for formal wear), and you can rent as many items as you need at a time.

One really cool feature is the “2nd size free” option. Since it isn’t always easy to figure out your size over a computer, Mine for Nine offers the option to rent an additional size for free. Now that’s smart.

Since I rented my dress for a special occasion, I loved that I didn’t have to take it to the dry cleaners when I was done. I just popped it back in the mail when I got home, and I was done!

Renting from Mine for Nine is very straight forward, and there is an excellent FAQ page to answer all of your questions.

Everything about my experience with Mine for Nine was fantastic, including how I felt in my special dress.

Mine For Nine Dress

Disclosure – I was provided a dress rental to facilitate this review, however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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