Boutique for a Week Offers a Fundraising Opportunity

In addition to making money by selling your kids’ outgrown clothes/toys and saving money by buying “new” stuff that is gently used, Boutique for a Week has added an opportunity for local charities to fundraise – Shop for a Cause Saturday. I am in love with this new opportunity that serves as both a marketing tool (so consignors will get more people to shop for their stuff), but also as a  wonderful gesture of good will toward the community. (Plus, it makes us shoppers feel better about buying more stuff – LOL!)

Basically Shop for a Cause Saturday is exactly what it sounds like. Charitable organizations are encouraged to fill out and give their members (students, whatever) flyers with their contact info on them. Then when people take those flyers with them to shop on Saturday, March 5, the organization will receive 10% of sales made using the flyers.

So let’s say your little one is a Brownie – get all the moms to go shopping at Boutique for a Week with your troupe’s info on Saturday, March 5 and earn money for your troupe. How cool is that. The moms will be happy b/c they will score great deals, and the kids will be happy because, well that’s a few less boxes of cookies to be sold.

If your charity/organization is interested in participating, grab the Shop for a Cause Saturday flyer. (If you have any questions about this event, contact Boutique for a Week for more info.)

In addition to this great opportunity for fundraising for an organization, Boutique for a Week is a great way for you to clean out closets and make a little extra spending cash for you. It’s true – I have done it. (Although I find that I turn around and spend the money I make on more great deals for my family.)

Learn more about Boutique for a Week in these previous posts here and here. The next sale is March 3 – 6, don’t miss it. See you there!

Boutique for a Week just shared with me another wonderful way it will give back to the community this season:

Boutique For A Week is excited to announce a food drive to benefit Beta Center. Located in Orlando, Florida, Beta Center offers a wide range of services aimed at supporting and strengthening families. Each year, this non-profit center reaches over 17,000 people! If you would like to join us in supporting this organization please bring canned goods, dry cereal, pasta, or any non-perishable pantry item with you when you come to shop. We’ll have a donation center at the sale.

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