Clean out your closets, be green and earn cash

If you have been putting off a closet cleaning in your kiddos room, I have a great incentive to get you motivated. Clean closets, a greener planet and COLD-HARD CASH.

You could clean out your closets and have a garage sale, but that’s a long day in the hot sun. Or you could consign your items with a consignment store, but consignment stores set the price and it can take months to get your money, plus you typically earn only 40% of the sale. Enter option number three – a consignment store that is only open for one week where you set the price and earn 65% of every sale. If you live in Central Florida, Boutique for a Week is just such a place.

At Boutique for a Week Central Florida parents are invited to register as consignors to sell their gently used kids items. With a list of high standards set for what can and cannot be sold, buyers can find excellent quality name-brand items for a fraction of their retail price. In addition to earning cash for your items, sellers at Boutique for a Week also enjoy early shopping, which means they have the opportunity to get the pick of the litter for their kids.

I have never been to a Boutique for a Week event, but I am planning to consign a few items at the next event to check it out. I don’t have much to sell because I save a lot in hopes of another baby (some day) and I also consign a few things along the way, but if it works out at this event you can bet I will save up for the next event!

Boutique for a Week happens just a few times a year, and the next event is just 16 days away – June 28 – July 2. If you want to sell at Boutique for a Week, register as a consigner on its website (note, there is a $5 charge to register). Consignor drop off is June 26, so this weekend takle those closets. Even if you have as few as 10 items, you are welcome to be a seller. Oh, and if you are on Facebook, check Boutique for a Week out on Facebook.

In case you don’t get your closets cleaned out in time, come be part of the green cycle and shop!

Disclaimer – I was provided a gift certificate to shop at Boutique for a Week for this post, however, all thoughts and opinions are my own. No other compensation was received.

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