Custom Made Snack Bars from Element Bars

Ever since discovering Me & Goji and Chocomize, our household has definitely been obsessed with the create-your-own concept. When I got today’s Jasmere email for their deal on custom-made snack bars from Element Bars, I immediately placed my order :). Element Bars allows you to create your own snack bar by first choosing from four “core” bars – chewy, oaty, crispy, and datey. You can then add different fruits, nuts, sweets, and boosts to create your perfect snack bar (many ingredients available in organic varieties too). I can’t wait to give these a try.

Today’s Jasmere deal allows you to purchase a $36 gift voucher for $17 which will cover the purchase of a case of custom bars (12 total). One great thing about Jasmere is that the more people who buy, the lower the price goes. The deal has already been reduced to $16, and everyone gets the lowest price offered. Shipping is a flat rate $6, and you can purchase up to two of the deals.

If you are new to Jasmere you can sign-up for an account here, or if you already have a Jasmere account you can find the deal here.

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