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Sprout Baby And Toddler Foods For Meal Time Or Snack Time

In an ideal world, my kids would eat fruits and veggies at every meal. In fact, they would choose fruits and veggies for every snack. The whole family would eat the correct MyPlate portions all day long. In a perfect world… But while I do my best, I live in the real world. The …

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Sprout Organic Pouches

Sprout Organic Baby And Toddler Food

Before I became pregnant with my oldest, I had never eaten an organic food. Well, maybe once or twice by chance, but it certainly wasn’t something I sought out. I never looked at ingredients, and I never thought about how something was made. If it tasted good, I ate it. …

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Horizon Chocolate Grahams

Easy Kids Snacks From Horizon Organic For Kids On The Go

Mom, I wanna snack!! Because someone in my house always seems to be searching for a snack (me included), I am always on the look out for easy kids snacks filled with simple ingredients that my kids will love. So I was excited to see that Horizon is branching out …

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10 Easy Ways To Green Your Routine Today

Although Earth Day is an excellent opportunity to shine a light on things we can do to protect the world we live in, the effort to live a more sustainable life with less waste should be ongoing. This month, I shared tips for recycling and organic eating, and limiting chemicals in the home. …

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$30 of Organic Peeled Snacks for Only $3

Here’s a GREAT deal on one of our favorite snacks in our house – Peeled Snacks. Peeled Snacks are made from the highest quality organic & natural ingredients, provide a full serving of fruit, have no sugar added, and are a great source of vitamins and minerals. I happen to even …

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