Ya Learn Something New Everyday…

They say you learn something new everyday. Sometimes it is small, and sometimes you have an ah-ha moment. I had one of those ah-ha moments today when I discovered something about my new car that is apparently very common, and I never knew!

Let me back up a bit. I am the proud new owner of a Honda Pilot. My Acura RDX (a fantastic car that I  loved) was coming up on the end of its warranty, and I have been finding myself in need of more space. So long story short, hubby got the itch for a new car and ta-da, I have a new car. Well, I LOVE my new car – so much space. And one of the best things for a girl who doesn’t like change, me, is that since Acura and Honda are related some of the features, like the navigation, are the same so no learning curve for me.

Back to my ah-ha moment of the day. After a couple hours of work, I had to retreve something from my car and was shocked to find all 4 of my windows slightly ajar. I started retracing mysteps… I didn’t ride with the windows open, and it would have been very difficult to accidently crack all 4 windows without realizing it… How in the world did all my windows get cracked? (At this point I am pictuting some faulty mechanism in my 2-week-old car going heywire… great!)

So I told my hubby my strange story, and without skipping a beat he tells me that on a majority of cars that have a remote unlock button if you hold the unlock button down (after unlocking the car) the windows will roll down. Why? So you can air out a hot car. Brilliance. He called it one of those “undocumented features.” What, why has no one told me of this awesome feature until now? Of course, I rushed back to try it and sure enough, if you hold the unlock button down all 4 windows and the sunroof open. I asked him if my other cars did this, he wasn’t sure but he said probably. Wouldn’t that have been nice to know on hot, Florida summer days!

Well, now I know. And in case you didn’t know, check your car! I am very excited about this “undocumented feature.”

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  1. You can also do it with the key in the door on the driver’s side… turn it once to unlock it and then turn it and hold it again and it will roll them down. You can do it the opposite way to roll them up too! I have an Odyssey and LOVE those little features too! 🙂


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