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I’ll never understand why the smallest people require the most stuff. Seriously, kids come with so much stuff… Well, they don’t really come with it mom and dad have to shell out the bucks to purchase so much stuff. There is the obviously food, diapers, clothes but there is also so much more a million stuffed things, blocks, books, games, more stuffed things, bikes, strollers, special potties, more clothes, accessories and so much more STUFF!

At two and a half years old, my daughter’s play areas (yes, areas) are over flowing, her drawers are crammed and I am shopping for the holidays already. Sometimes I think I am nuts…. but then I look in her overflowing drawer full of shorts and t-shirts. In the very back are the long sleeve clothes from last winter – why did I keep them in her drawer all summer – those will not fit this year. And I bet the warm weather stuff won’t fit come spring. Her overflowing toys include toys meant for 6+ months, and it’s really time to replace some of her “baby” stuff with “big girl” stuff. Thus the delicate balance of stuff!

Enter my new favorite twice annual event, Boutique for a Week. What is so great about Boutique for a Week? Number one, clean out the closets, drawers and playroom. Number two, price your items. Number three, drop them off. Number four, Boutique for a Week sells your stuff. Number five, shop for new (bigger) stuff. Number six, pick up a check for 65% of the sale of your stuff. That’s it – what more is there to love!?!?!!

Last spring, I started small. I only took about a dozen items, you know to test the waters. About 3/4s of my items sold, and I elected to send the other items to charity. I then spent all of the money I “made” on “new” things. It’s a perfect circle and it is TOTALLY green.

Chances are you have seen a consignment sale like this one in your area, they are popping up everywhere, but if you haven’t participated in one yet – it’s time. I have visited several other consignment sales, and thus far Boutique for a Week has by far been the best organized, most well run sale with top-notch stuff! So if you live in Central Florida, you HAVE to check out this sale.

Maximize your sales:

  1. Price it right. Remember, people are looking for a deal so if you price too high your item will be over looked for cheaper items.
  2. Volunteer to help. Did you know that a lot of these sales are run by volunteers, volunteers who get earn a higher percentage on your sales and get to shop early!
  3. Sell stuff you would buy (assuming your kids were smaller).

I know my readers love a good deal, so this is your chance to really score. I have a special treat for TheSuburbanMom readers. The key to scoring the BEST deals at a sale like this is to be among the first shoppers, and I get to giveaway a VIP shopping pass that gets you in the doors with the very first wave of shoppers (noon on Monday, October 18)!

Mandatory Entry – “Like” Boutique for a Week on Facebook.

Additional Entires:

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  2. Sign up for SIGN UP FOR TheSuburbanSanta – COMING SOON!
  3. Sign up as a consignor (2 bonus entires).

Contest ends October 14, 2010 at 11:59 pm. Open to U.S. residents in the continental U.S. only. Winning comment will be chosen at random by and contacted for shipping information. Winner will have 72 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen.

Disclosure – This is a sponsored giveaway, however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

13 thoughts on “Boutique for a Week is Coming – VIP Giveaway”

  1. And lastly…. I signed up as a consignor. This will be my fourth sale – I’ve always done really well. Kelly, Kristen, and Sandy do an excellent job running their sale!

  2. I “Like” Boutique For A Week’s FB page. Already a fan of TheSuburbanMOM and TheSuburbanSanta. I hope I win!
    We Love TheSuburbanMOM! 🙂


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