Googly Bandz Rings and Necklaces

First came bracelets, lots and lots of bracelets, and now here come the rings and necklaces! That’s right the silicone band craze has evolved to include your kids’ fingers and neck. From north to south, coast to coast kids from 2 – 22 are crazy for silicone bands in fun shapes, and now they’ve got a new place to wear their favorite shapes.

Whether kids are wearing a stack of them or trading for their favorite shapes, silacone bands are summer 2010’s hottest trend. Even my two-year-old and her friends are crazy for them, although they don’t get the trading thing like the big kids. But my daughter does like to take them all off, lay them on the table and talk about all of her shapes.

Googly bands recently send me a pack of “Butterfly” rings and an “Accessories” necklace. Unlike the brackets that say ages 3+, the rings and necklaces are intended for bigger kids 5+. As such, the rings are far too big for my daughter, but I think it’s a good thing for safety reasons. So even thought this is one craze that won’t sweep the preschool circuit. I can totally see these being popular with the older crowd. (I even saw rings for sale at Disney this weekend, generic shape.)

For more information about Googly Rings and Necklaces, visit Googly Bands online.

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