I am Method Laundry Detergent Convert…

The first time I saw the Method campaign against jugs in a magazine, I was sold. I remember that the ad was perfect for me, and I remember that it was about eliminating waste. This was the image, I just can’t remember the headline. But basically, the ad said to me that Method was a more economical choice because it eliminates waste. Even the image speaks volumes.

But I am a Tide girl, and with my severe allergies, I don’t change detergents. But my green conscious is very strong, so I find myself washing load after load with Method Landry detergent. I had to try it. First impression – WOW, that is easy. Check it out:

Can you believe it, it really is as simple as that. I was impressed.

I have seen the adds the compare the full cap of detergent to the 4 squirts of Method, but I have a HE machine and use HE detergents.  So, is the comparison fair? While the difference of detergent used it isn’t as much as non HE detergent, there is still a difference. My jug is 64 loads, 100 FL OZ. The little bottle of Method 25 loads, 10 FL OZ. So, even though I use less with regular HE detergents – I still use about 1/3 less with Method. A little difference that adds up. Plus, the four squirts make measuring EASY – no more over sudsing…

Of course, I can’t argue the bio-degradable, plant-based formula. Good stuff.

I mentioned my allergies before, so understand my one complaint. I use fragrance-free everything. The Method I got to try was scented, I got “Fresh Air.” I was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t notice any reactions to the fragrance, however, I didn’t love the scent. I am so used to scent free, any scent seems like a lot. But since Method, of course, comes in Free & Clear – that’s what I would try next time around.

Overall, I am highly impressed. No mess, it’s lightweight, eco-friendly… Other than the fragrance, which is an easy work around, I can’t find anything to dislike. I grew up on Tide, but other than being anti-change… I can’t see a reason to go back. GASP!

Method is currently offering a $2 off coupon for Method Landry. So, if you are interested in checking out a truly unique product, download the coupon here.

Disclaimer – I was given a bottle of Method laundry detergent to review for this post, however, all thoughts and opinions are my own. No other compensation was received.

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