The Princess and the Frog DVD and Blu-Ray for only $6.99

If you are waiting to add The Princess and The Frog to your collection, I am sure you saw my post earlier for a $10 coupon. I just learned about 2 rebates you can combine with this to bring your total cost to $6.99 (plus tax) for the DVD/Blu-Ray combo pack. Here’s the scoop:

On March 16, Target will have The Princess and The Frog DVD/Blu-Ray combo pack on sale for $26.99 (plus a free Princess Tiana Purse). Use the $10 printable coupon to bring your out-of-pocket cost to $16.99.

When you purchase your movie, pick up 2 Band-Aid products (because who doesn’t need these!). Children’s Band-Aids are on sale at Target for $1.82 each. You can use a Target $1 off Band-Aid coupon plus the $1 Band-Aid coupon from the 1/3 paper (if you still have it). (At the very least, use 2 Target coupons making the Band-Aids $0.82 each!) Then use this printable rebate form to get a check back for $5. (Note, it looks like they might even have Princess Tiana Band-Aids!)

Next, you will also need to buy Frogtape. I understand you can usually get this at hardware stores for $6 a roll. (For those who don’t know, Frogtape is basically green painters tape.) Since this is a specialty item, this rebate will only be good for you if you actually need this item, but hey, you might need some! Here is the rebate form.

If you do all of these, your final price for the combo will be $6.99. If you skip the Frogtape, you are still only looking at $11.99 – best price I have seen!

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