Do You SWAG?

I am so excited to share Swagbucks with you. I joined Swagbucks in September 2009, and I wish I could remember who introduced me so I could thank them, but I can’t remember how I ran across it. Since September, I have earned approximately one $5 gift card to Amazon a month – five $5 gift cards to be exact. I “earned” $25 just by using Swagbucks to search for things I was looking for on the Internet. Searching, it really is that easy! Instead of going to Google, I go to Swagbucks search (powered by Google) and search. Not ever search is a winner, but enough are winners that the points add up.

There are lots of things you can redeem your points for – gift cards, music and tons of other stuff. But my favorite by far are $5 gift cards to Amazon (they are the most economical way to use your points too!).

Like many sites, if I refer you I get points. So, I do have a motive to recommend you, but I also LOVE to pass along free money! Plus, once you join, you can refer all of your friends and get points for them too!

So, I challenge you – sign up right now – it is free, so give it a shot! And start using Swagbucks for your searches. At first it takes a while, until you really start to remember to use it. But when points start adding up, you will start to remember.

Oh, and Swagbucks loves to give out “free codes,” so become a fan on Facebook to learn when they are out there.

Note – Swagbucks has a toolbar that you can download to help you remember to use it to search, but I found that the toolbar slowed my computer down, so I don’t use it.

11 thoughts on “Do You SWAG?”

  1. I totally signed up for this, thanks! But I didn’t see a place to say who referred you. Hopefully you get the credit just by me clicking on your link!

    • Thanks for looking out for me. I do get referral credit just for you using the link I provided. Hope you like it, I just cashed out another $5 Amazon gift card today! 🙂


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