Shutterfly has GREAT Customer Service!

These days it seems like we run into bad customer service at every turn. So, when I actually run across a company with good customer service I think it is important to shout it from the roof tops.

SHUTTERFLY has WONDERFUL customer support!!!

I already love this company, it has a great application for Photobooks and the quality is great. (Plus they have great deals and sales!) But now to add to my Shutterfly love – I just had a great experience with its customer support team.

I ordered another photobook (the 3rd in the series of 6 that will detail my daughter’s first year), and when it arrived, I was disappointed by a dent in the bottom right corner of the book. It looks like someone at the PO dropped the book on its corner (the box was dented too). I know it isn’t exactly Shutterfly’s fault – although a bigger box with padding might have prevented it –┬ábut I spent a lot of money on the book. And it is important to me because it is about my baby.

So, I called the CS line on Friday. I was asked to take a picture of the damage and upload it to my account for review. I finally got around to doing as instructed today, and I called them back. For the second time, I talked to a very nice person, once he took a look a the pictures I was assured that it will be replaced in 2-3 days.

It was an easy and painless process (less than 5 minutes on the phone each time) and my baby book is being reprinted so it will be perfect. Now that is service. Off to work on book #4!!!

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