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When I was contacted by a representative at POM Wonderful to review its juice, I was ecstatic. Not only was it validating to have a company seek me out, but my family loves juice!

I have seen POM on the juice shelf at Publix before, but I have never actually tried pomegranate juice. (Unless you count a pomegranate martini I had once…) When my package arrived, I was excited to see that I received four 16 oz bottles of Pom Wonderful.

In my box, I also received information about the health benefits of pomegranates and POM Wonderful in specific. According to the information, there are lots of heart health benefits to POM Wonderful. But I was most intrigued by the diagram comparing antioxidant potency with other juices. (While most of the health benefits are included on the POM web site, the diagram isn’t, sorry.) The diagram depicts the antioxidant levels of several juices, and I was fascinated by the order the juices fell into…

Obviously, POM Wonderful was first, followed by red wine!!! Let’s hear it for the healing powers of red wine! (Too bad I am a white wine drinker myself). Up next came Concord Grape Juice, Blueberry Juice, Black Cherry Juice, Acai Juice, Cranberry Juice, Green Tea, Orange Juice and Apple Juice. I was a little disappointed at how far down the list Cranberry Juice fell, since I am a fan and thought drinking it was really good… I am not going to stop drinking other juices, but it was interesting to see where they all fall. (Of course, I am sure this list is for 100% juice, not junk with lots of extras!)

POM Wonderful carries a potent taste. Even for a cranberry drinker like me, it was a strong tart flavor. Not bad, just strong. I diluted it a bit for my toddler, and she drank it up happily asking for “more-more.” My husband asked if he could have a bottle, and he took it with him to work. He loved it! (He ended up drinking the rest of my bottle and the others!) I see more POM Wonderful on our grocery list! While the taste was a little strong for me, that’s what he liked most about it. The little bottles are kind of a figure 8 shape and just the right size of juice to grab on the go, so they were perfect for him to take to the office for a mid-day pick-me-up.

All of the bottles we tried were straight pomegranate juice, but POM also makes pomegranate with blueberry, pomegranate with cherry, pomegranate with mango, pomegranate with kiwi and pomegranate with nectarine. Next time I am at the store, I might like to try one of these flavor combinations to see if the strong taste is a little sweeter with another flavor added.

On POM’s web site, I also learned that they have POMx Bars – made with real fruit and nuts wrapped in chocolate. Now those are something I HAVE to try… YUM! (I eat a granola bar of sorts everyday, so this is right up my alley!)

The 16oz bottles are a little on the expensive side, but I did find a place online that sells a 48oz bottle for under $15 + shipping. (POM needs to get on Amazon if you ask me – hint hint!)

If you try POM, or have tried it previously, let me know what you think!



I have a material connection because I received a gift or sample of a product for consideration in preparing to write this content. I was/am not expected to return this item or gift after my review period.

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  1. I am a big pomegranate juice fan, but it was a recent development. It was actually an unexpected pregnancy craving in the begining of the first trimester. I did some research on health benefits as well and found that it has properties that assist in prenatal brain development. The body knows what it needs! If the taste is too strong, it is also wonderful when added to a mild herbal tea.


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