How To STOP Receiving Phonebooks

When was the last time you used a traditional phonebook? Can’t remember? Me neither. But I can tell you the last time I got a new one, just a couple of weeks ago. What did I do with it? Straight to the recycle bin.

But what if I could stop the cycle before it started and not get the phonebook in the first place? Yep, you can opt-out of receiving the phonebook for good! How’s that for going green?

To opt-out online go to fill out a simple form, and they will contact the publishers for you and get you opted-out.

To opt-out by phone (in case you don’t wanna give out your address) go to enter your zip code and all each of the publishers and request to be removed.

If you ever want to go back to traditional phonebooks, you can always order one… But since you can Google numbers on your phone, why bother?

4 thoughts on “How To STOP Receiving Phonebooks”

  1. awesome – just signed up – thanks so much!!!!!!!! I normally take mine straight from the front door step to the recycling bin in the garage – total waste.


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