Reserve Your Baby’s Name…

Reserve Your Baby’s Name – Don’t let anyone else register your baby’s names as a .com. Claim it now!

That was the ad headline that caught my eye while I was “Facebooking.”  Curious, I clicked on the link, and sure enough it is a domain registry site that has built a sales concept around getting your child’s name as a domain. I am not sure what made me chuckle more, that there is such a thing or that it was the first thing my husband did for my daughter when she was born. Yep, there will be no snagging my daughter’s name as a .com, we’ve already had it for 19 months!

Unfortunately, when I clicked through the link I realized they are an expensive domain registry site, charging $34.99 per year. (I think we pay about $10 per year.) But the concept is still cute. In a world that is going more and more digital, reserve your children’s names now so they can have their own site when they grow up and want to start a blog.

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