She was Tinkerbell…

I am SO proud of how well Kendal’s Tinkerbell costume came out, I just have to brag!!! If you will recall, back in September I sat down to tackle making Kendal’s Halloween costume. I was deturmined to make her costume, and after spending almost all Labor Day weekend on it… it turned out perfect!

In the end, I bought her shoes (Disney store Tinkerbell shoes), a wand and her wings (on eBay). I tried to make the wings, they just didn’t turn out! Other than that, I made it all! A tank top, bloomers, the adorable skirt, a hairbow and a matching purse AKA Trick or Treat bag! She loved her little purse and carried it the whole night clutched in the croock of her arm.


My Tinkerbell

Ready for Trick or Treating!

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