How to Make Minnie Mouse Hair Bows

If your little darling is anything like mine, she LOVES the Mouse! In preparation for an upcoming trip to Disney, I created Minnie Mouse hair bows for my little girl. They were a hit at play group, so I taught a bunch of moms how to make them at our monthly craft night. It was easy enough, so I thought I would share. Have fun!

Minnie Mouse Bows

Step 1 – Gather Your Materials

You will need mouse and mini bow appliqués. Unless you are skilled at making appliqués (which I am not), I suggest purchasing some already made. Two great places to purchase handmade appliqués are Etsy and eBay. Search “Mouse Appliqués” and “Bow Appliqués.”

You will also need ribbon in coordinating colors to your mouse appliqués. I recommend 3/8 inch grosgrain ribbon, which you can also purchase on eBay or in any craft store.

Next you will need craft glue. I like to use JoAnn’s brand, which is only $0.99.

For the clip, I typically use 2-prong alligator clippies, these are perfect for babies to toddlers with thin hair. For an older child, you will need another type of clip (maybe french).

Finally, you will need a needle and thread.

Step 2 – Prep Materials

Layout all of your materials – mouse head appliqués, bow appliqués, coordinating ribbon, needle and thread, glue and clips.

Cut your ribbon to a length of 6 3/4 inches long for a fully-lined clippie.

Thread your needle.

Step 3 – Sew your appliqués

Sew your mini bow appliqué onto Minnie’s head. (I like to put it on an angle).

Next, you will sew your mouse head onto the ribbon. In order to determine placement, wrap the ribbon around the clip to see where you want the mouse to be placed. Again, I like to put the mouse head on a slight angle, but you can place anywhere you like.

Step 4 – Glue your ribbon

Once everything has been attached, spread glue along the length of the ribbon and bend around the clip. Once in place, use other clips to pinch the tips of the clip ends to hold in place while the glue dries. (You will need approx 3 clips for this.)

Step 5 – Admire and place in your daughter’s hair

Tips & Warnings

  • Note, you can glue the appliqués to the ribbon instead of sewing them, however, my toddler likes to put her bows in her mouth and it is a bit of a choking hazard. So, I sew them to be safe.
  • I know not everyone is into making hairbows, so if you LOVE these bows but want someone else to make them, email me at jen at and you can buy them from TheSuburbanMom.

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