Yep. There is an App for that.

Every baby I know LOVES phones. Especially, it seems, mom’s cell phone. My friend even tried giving her daughter an old, broken phone with no battery, but K seems to prefer the real thing.

My husband, Mr. Smarty-Pants, insists that I could just lock the keys, but I never do. After all, K likes the sounds the buttons make and the changing picture on the screen. So, K has called everyone on my speed dial (at least once), called all kinds of random numbers, posted to Facebook and even answered my calls. Yes, she is a phone girl already!

The other day, Mr. Smarty-Pants himself found a solution to my problem. A new BlackBerry App called “Baby Go .” When this free app is on, a voice says the letters you type and a corresponding letter blocks fly across the screen. A “game” for babies that prevents K from dialing China 🙂

The first time we presented K with the feature, she loved it!

Unfortunately, the app is a little flaky and for some reason it the sound seems to drop out after a while and the blocks get stuck. But overall, I am a fan. Now if I can just keep it out of her mouth…

(Sorry iPhone users, I don’t know if you can get this or not. I did a quick Google search and couldn’t find it, but I don’t really know where to look for iPhone apps.)

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