I Love Crocs for Kids! (And Crocs Sale!)

I never really got into the whole Crocs thing… They seemed big and bulky in only loud, bright colors. I think I tried a pair on at the store once, and I wasn’t impressed. But when K came along, all the mom’s raved about them and I am a sucker for anything Disney, so when Crocs had a sale, I bought K a pair to try… Now I am a convert!


Not only are they adorable (bright colors are great on kids), but K loves them! If I don’t put them away in her closet and she sees them, she wants them on – right then! Above all other shoes, she always wants to wear the Crocs! Plus with the Mickey holes – they couldn’t be cuter.

K's Disney Crocs

Since we love them so much (bought a second pair last week), I had to pass along that Crocs is having a BOGO sale!!! Not only are they BOGO, but free ground shipping! If you are skeptical like me or already a Croc lover, stock up!

UPDATE: Use coupon code slx8797 for an extra 25% off. (COUPON EXPIRED)

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