The Suburban Mom Cheese Plate…

On a trip to Costco today, my husband found a package of mini brie wheels. Since he has a love for all things mini and brie, we bought some. On the way home he mentioned that he couldn’t wait to try his cheese. I was happy to inform him that we also had crackers at home to eat with his cheese.

“Oh good,” he said. “I will have a cheese platter, mini brie wheels, Baby Bell and string cheese.”

I laughed at his “cheese platter,” and he replied, “What? It is ‘TheSuburbanMom’s Cheese Platter’ it’s not like we are going to buy $12 blocks of cheese. It is fancy –one is brie, one is covered in wax, and string – that’s a type of cheese.”

Ah yes, we have moved on from fancy platters. He was perfectly content eating his cheese and crackers on the couch with our daughter!

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