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The news is normally so depressing. To combat depressing news, NBC’s Nightly News added a “Making a Difference” segment to the end of the show.  They showcase the best stories about the best in humanity. It is the redeming story that reminds viewers about the good in people. Often I watch the news just to watch this segment.

Tonight, “Making a Difference” was about the Freedom Calls Foundation. Featuring a young mother-to-be, the Freedom Calls Foundation set her up with a live, satellite-linked webcam to her husband stationed in Iraq so he could be “present” for the birth of their son.  WOW.

I can’t imagine what it would have been like if my husband could not have been present for the birth of our daughter. What an amazing service these folks provide for our armed forces.

Check out the full story from NBC. Or learn more about the Freedom Calls Foundation.

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  1. I don’t know if you were a member of the LMMCN but there was a mom in our club that was going to use Freedom Calls. A bunch of us sat around at one play group laughing about who would be in the room to ensure the live satellite link would work and what if it goes to the wrong place or would he be in a private room while viewing the birth of their child. Either way, it is an amazing thing for those soldiers who are defending our country!


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