FREE Pampers Gifts To Grow Points

Do you use Pampers diapers? Do you collect Pampers Gifts to Grow Points ? If you use Pampers diapers but don’t collect the points, you are wasting valuable points (feel free to email your points to me)!

I love to collect stuff and collecting points is no different, I have gotten so many fun (free) things from redeemed points over the years. When K was born, I was told Pampers were the best, so that’s the brand I started using (everyone was right), and I started collecting points from the first package! At first I thought it would take forever for those points to add up, but babies need a lot of diapers and wipes. Before I knew it, I earned a free package of diapers!!! Currently, I have 145 points in my account again so it is time for me to pick a new reward… I am thinking about a $10 gift card to!

From time to time, Pampers offers free Gifts to Grow points.  For those who collect Pampers Gift to Grow Points , here are 3 codes I just found for 1 point each.

JOINTHEFUNGTG09 (worked 8/21/09)

HappyFathersDay (worked 8/21/09)

FREECODEEXP0823  (worked 8/21/09)

You can view all my Pampers Gifts to Grow posts here to find the latest codes.

Happy Collecting!!! (Seriously, email me your codes if you don’t collect or start today!)

UPDATE – thanks to Donna, here is Sept’s new code FREECODE0906EXP.

11 thoughts on “FREE Pampers Gifts To Grow Points”

  1. I got a free portrait for my baby’s 1st birthday by collecting Pampers points…
    Now I’m collecting for the 200 photos… I already have 95 points!!

  2. Here are some new codes for October 2009. They are a few points each, I can’t recall how many. Enjoy!


  3. $10 OFF and 50 Gifts to Grow points if you order from Must order Pampers diapers, NEW customers only. Free shipping if you order $49. Points will be on shipping receipt when you receive your order. They’re having a huge toy sale this weekend too, up to 70% off! Code is: 50PAMPERS


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