Welcome Friends!

Hi Friends –

I hope this letter finds you well, and if I haven’t talked to you in a while I hope you will enjoy what I want to share. After you check it out, drop me a line to let me know what you think and what you are up to.

I have been blogging about Kendal since the start of my pregnancy, and I have really enjoyed using the blog as a digital baby book of sorts. Also since Kendal was born, I have done more and more freelance writing. But recently, I decided that I wanted an outlet to write about things I want to write about, things I am passionate about – about being a mom. Since I have been, so far, unable to find someone who wants to hire me for my “mom” writing, I decided to create my own place. So with the help of my tech-savvy husband, www.TheSuburbanMom.com was born.

Over the past few weeks, I have been writing a little here a little there and adding it to my blog. (Some of you have seen a couple of these articles through postings on Facebook already – I even used your comments!) It is still a work in progress, but I am pleased with how far it has come in only a couple of weeks. I have lots of plans in mind for this site, but for now I want to introduce you to The Suburban Mom. I hope you will check out the site, add the RSS feed, follow me on Twitter (@SuburbanMomClub), add my site to your own blog roll and pass the site along to others. And most of all, I hope you enjoy it!

I know most of you aren’t moms, but I promise I write about other stuff too. Even though my focus is being a mom, there is a lot to being a mom that isn’t “mommyish!” For example, I am going to post all of my hubby’s tech articles!

I would love your feedback on my new project and promise to keep you in the loop as it comes along. Thanks for your support!



AKA – The Suburban Mom

PS – Don’t worry, I am not abandoning www.KendalBurg.com. I will continue to blog there about Kendal!

4 thoughts on “Welcome Friends!”

  1. Jen-just checked out the blog! YAY-I love it, great idea. I’m working on another blog too, but its all about my opinions. I’ve got alot (surprise-surprise) and I find myself talking back to the tv alot, so I decided to write it down inste…ad, ha ha ha!! Is it ok if I put a link to your blog on the grimmig family blog?

  2. Hi Jen, Great blog…I’ve already perused a couple pages and I look forward to reading more! I too have been blogging since I was pregnant with my first and have continued to do so throughout his entire 3 years. It has helped me track what he’s up to, funny things he says, etc. I really like the idea of bringing more “mom” stuff into the mix, so keep posting 😉 ~Carole 🙂

  3. I love the blog you and your husband have created. The topics you write about are things that every mom has thought about or said and it’s refreshing to think another mom feels the same way as I do. I look forward to reading your articles and following your mommyhood journey. It’s by far the hardest job on Earth, but it is the most rewarding. Thank you for sharing your ideas and adventures!


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