Thank You!

I grew up writing thank you notes. I can’t remember how young I started, but I know the early ones were just pictures and Mom wrote the notes. Mom taught us to write thank you notes for everything. While I remember a time as a young girl that writing these notes seemed like a pain, now that I have been on both sides I am happy to thank Mom for herĀ instance upon the courtesy of a handwritten thank you.

My husband often jokes about the amount of postage spent on the thank you notes that fly between Mom, my sister and myself (especially around the holidays). He doesn’t understand why we don’t handdeliver them, but it isn’t the same. I grew up with a love for beautiful papers with handwritten thoughts, addressed by hand and decorated with a pretty stamp and return address label. I love to find such things in my mailbox and I know others do too.

Over the years, I have learned that those I truly befriend are more often than not the thank-you-note type. It isn’t that I won’t befriend those who do not participate in this courtesy, but when I look at the list of those I call, “Friend” everyone on that list has sent me a handwritten note at one time or another. Their Moms’ taught them too!

While a digital thank you is just not the same, I must profess a heart-felt digital thank you to everyone who has responded to the announcement of my new blog. I have received wonderful feedback and kind words, what more could I ask for?

Thank you to everyone who indulged me and read about my new project. Thank you to everyone who emailed me, messaged me or posted your wonderful words of encouragement. Thank you to everyone who has added links to my site on your own sites or signed up to follow my blog. And thank you to everyone who will one day read my words. I have enjoyed writing into the abyss as I set up my site, but now that I know people are reading I will enjoy this that much more! Thank you for your support near and far. I truly appreciate it all.

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