Important Car Safety

After a field trip to the local fire station today, they offered a car seat check. Since I have never had my car seat checked, I decided to have mine checked out. The good news is that the car seat is in there “nice and tight” and was just how it should be (which is great since she has been riding around in the seat since she turned 1!), HOWEVER, the woman doing the check pointed something out to me that I never considered before.

She picked up the sun shade that was laying on the floor under my daughter’s feet and pointed out that these things often fall off since the suction cups are only held on with spit. (Yep, that’s why they have been laying on the floor all summer, I am too lazy to keep putting them back up!) Well, she pointed out that in a collision these shades (with their roll bars) become projectile missiles! Oh my gosh, she is right! I have thought so much about the safety of the car and the seat’s functions, I never thought about the things in the car.

Actually, I am completly outraged, if these things are so unsafe, why aren’t there warnings on them! After all, there are warnings on everything – most of the time warnings that only stupid people would do any way. This is a real thing many of us buy to protect our children’s eyes from the sun, and it could be dangerous in an accident! I feel so dumb for never thinking about it before, but now I can’t believe they even make these things.

She suggested that if we need a shade, we buy one that self clings to the window. I did a quick search and found several through Amazon. I may pick one of these up at a later date, but truthfully, I haven’t used the shade in months. I just really liked my Gator logo! First thing I did when I got home, took the missiles out of my car for good!

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