I Love Entertainment Books!!!

I don’t get one every year, but every year I get one, I ask myself why I don’t get one every year. The Entertainment Book is a fantastic book of coupons worth buying because it always pays for itself and then some in savings – at least in my house!

Like many moms, I am a sucker for kids selling stuff door-to-door for school. I know someday this will be my kid, so I support the kids who come knocking. So if someone comes by with an Entertainment book, I’ll shell out the full price of $30 for the book. If not, I’ll wait and buy it online at a discount.

This year, I got paid to get the book!

I found a site that had a deal for $8 cash back for buying the Entertainment Book, which was currently on sale for $9.99. (Unfortunately, the deal was only for 1 day.)If (like me) you didn’t have an account with them, you could also sign up for an account and get a bonus $5. The end result, I paid $9.99 for the book and got a $13 rebate. So, before the book even reached my house I was up $3!

Last night, I discovered the jackpot in the 2009 Entertainment Book. There are 9 coupons in the book that can be redeemed at the local AMC for “Gold” tickets, which are valid for any movie – even special engagements. These “Gold” tickets cost $7.50 each. A normal movie here costs $9.50! But wait… Last night we went to see Harry Potter in the IMAX 3D. These tickets normally cost $14.00 each. So, what should have cost us $28 in ticket sales, we paid $15!!! Now that’s the way to go to the movie!

(As if my movie deal couldn’t get any better… I am in the “Movie Watcher” program, and I hit the next point level and recieved a “Free night at the movies” — 1 free ticket, popcorn and coke! Yippie!)

The 2009 books are still valid through November 1, 2009. So, if you don’t have one, I recommend buying one today to start saving. Currently, Ebates.com is having a special deal similar to the deal I took advantage of. Click through Ebates.com to purchase a 2009 Entertainment book for $9.99 get $6 cash back. PLUS – if you don’t have an Ebates.com account, you also get a $5 signup bonus. So, you can get paid $1 for getting the Entertainment Book and start your savings already in the positive.

I have had my book for one week, and I have already saved $21! Do it today! But remember to click through Ebates.com to get the deal of an $11 rebate for buying!

By the way, once you sign up for the Ebates.com account, you will find LOTS of ways to use it to save. To date, I have accumulated $79.35 in cash back in 2009 alone! Did I mention, it’s free?!?!

(NOTE – Looks like the deal for 2009 Entertainment Books is over – the 2009 books are no longer availble. But I still recomend Ebates.com  for all your online shopping!)

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