Crayola Color Alive App

Bring Art To Life With Crayola Color Alive

Art and technology come together in a new way with Crayola Color Alive. For my budding artist who loves all apps, Crayola Color Alive is a fun new way to interact with her artwork on a whole new level — 4D! Mom loves the integration between coloring in the real world and screen time, and K loves to bring her designs to life.

Crayola ColorStudio HD Review

My hubby loves his gadgets, and my daughter seems to have naturally inherited his “gadget gene.” Even at only 3, she loves using the iPad as much, if not more, than my husband and I. A couple weeks ago, while flipping through the¬†newspaper¬†circulars, my husband noticed that Best Buy is …

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Crayola Play Sand – A Toddler Art Project

I consider myself rather crafty, and I love coming up with “projects” to do. (Stay tuned for a Halloween costume in the making…) I am working hard to instill that love for creativity in my daughter by coming up with fun things we can make together. Of course, she loves …

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