Free Printable Birthday Wine Bottle Labels – Plus Wine Pairings

Next time you plan to give a bottle of wine as a birthday gift, dress it up with these free printable birthday wine bottle labels. It’s an easy way to give a bottle of wine a custom look in just minutes. Print the labels at home for a last-minute gift.

Free Printable Birthday Wine Labels

Birth Month Flower Wine Pairings

If you need gift inspiration for the special birthday person in your life, FTD prepared a series of wine pairings that pair nicely with each month’s birth flower. To match the wine pairings, FTD also created a series of coordinating birthday wine labels, which you can download for free and attach to a wine bottle for a cute birthday gift.

Do you know what your birth month flower is? I didn’t. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of my birthday flower, which is an Aster. I had to Google to see what the flower looks like. (It’s lovely by the way.)

If You Want To Birthday Wine Label

Birthday Month Flowers And Wine Pairings

  • January – Carnation & Champagne
  • February – Violet & Merlot
  • March – Daffodil & Chardonnay
  • April – Daisy & Sauvignon Blanc
  • May – Lily of the Valley & Pinot Grigio
  • June – Rose & Pinot Noir
  • July – Larkspur & Moscato
  • August – Gladiolus & Rosé
  • September – Aster & Red Blends
  • October – Marigold & Zinfandel
  • November – Chrysanthemum & Cabernet Sauvignon
  • December – Narcissus & Prosecco

Sip Sip Hooray Wine Label Printable

Free Printable Birthday Wine Bottle Labels

Although there are 12 labels, each featuring a different birthday month flower, you can also just pick your favorite label to attach to the bottle. My favorite is Bubbles and Birthday Wishes – probably because I am partial to bubbly wines.

How To Use Printable Wine Bottle Labels

There are two ways to use these printable wine bottle labels. You can either attach it on top of the original label or remove the vineyard’s label and replace it with the birthday wine label. There are benefits to both options. Obviously, replacing the label makes it look even more custom, but leaving the original label allows the birthday recipient to remove the birthday wine label so they can see information from the vineyard. Also, attaching the birthday wine label over the original is a quick process if you are pressed for time.

Happy Birthday Wine Label

For those who want to remove the original label and replace it with a birthday wine label, here are the best steps to remove the original label.

  1. Soak the lower half of the wine bottle in a bowl of room-temperature water to remove the original label. Add 5-10 tablespoons of baking soda to the water to speed up the process.
  2. After soaking the label for 30 minutes, remove the bottle from the water and use a dry towel to wipe off the label.

For particularly stubborn labels, I’ve found a Magic Eraser does a great job helping to remove sticky label residue.

Regardless of which method you use, my favorite adhesive is this double-sided craft tape. I use it for all of my projects. It holds. Because no one wants the cute new label popping off right after you put it on!

Wine If You Want To Birthday Wine Label Printable

Download Free Printable Birthday Wine Bottle Labels

When printing the birthday wine label, you can print it at home or take it somewhere to have it printed. Having it printed on a professional laser printer will give you the best-looking quality label. I use my inkjet at home for quick projects, but if I was giving it as a gift I would have it printed at FedEx or Staples. You can choose matt or glossy paper, whichever you prefer.

Download the free printable birthday wine labels HERE (or click the image below).

Download Free Printable Birthday Wine Labels

When you click the link above, a new window will open with Dropbox. You will see all 12 labels listed with the month, flower name and wine pairing. Choose the wine label you want and click on it to download. You can then download it directly to your computer and print as many copies as you need from there.

Note, that you do not have to sign up for Dropbox to download the free printable. If you are prompted to do so, you can X out of that option.

Celebrate Birthday Wine Label Printable

For more wine gift ideas, check out these free printable wine tags that hang around the neck of the bottle. (There are also some different wine bottle labels in that post too.)

And if you are looking for a different way to enjoy a bottle of wine, try this DIY sangria or a wine slushie for something different. Both are a great way to cool off during warmer months.

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