Valentine’s Day Virtual Escape Room

Can you correctly deliver all of the valentines you made for friends and family to the correct houses? Solve the puzzles and get the clues to complete your deliveries and complete this Valentine’s Day Virtual Escape Room. As you complete each puzzle you will receive a number, which is part of the code you will need to complete the Valentine’s Day virtual escape room.

Valentine's Day Virtual Escape Room

About The Valentine’s Day Virtual Escape Room

This Valentine’s Day virtual escape room is part of my daughter’s collection of digital escape rooms that she has created to help entertain kids looking for safe, online activities. To date, she has created eight virtual escape rooms for kids as part of her Silver Award for Girl Scouts. The Silver Award is the highest award a Girl Scout can earn as a middle schooler.

She has received a tremendous outpouring of support and excitement over her digital escape rooms from kids and educators around the world. She loves checking her response page and seeing the wonderful comments from kids who have been inspired by her.

Virtual escape rooms are fun because kids (and adults) can work on their own or in groups to use clues to work through a series of puzzles. It all started as a fun activity she created for her sister’s Girl Scout Troop to do and has grown into a global activity. So, of course, she set to work creating a Valentine’s Day Virtual Escape Room too.

The Valentine’s Day escape room is geared toward elementary-aged children to complete but is fun for kids of all ages. It can be completed individually or as a team. It is also a great activity for students to do either via distance learning or in the classroom. Need help with information about how to play, check out the FAQs on her website for instructions.

Please take a moment to respond to the questions on the last page and be sure to hit submit. One unfortunate feature of Google Form is that it only captures responses if you click submit on the last page, and my daughter loves watching the counter go up on the number of people who have completed her challenge.

Note, to date more than 70,000 people have completed her Virtual Escape Rooms, but we think the number is higher responses are not counted unless the last page is submitted. 

Thanks for playing!

Play The Valentine’s Day Virtual Escape Room

CLICK HERE to play the Valentine’s Day Virtual Escape Room.

Don’t forget to PIN the Valentine’s Day Virtual Escape Room for later so you can play again!

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Want to learn how to make your own virtual escape room, my daughter has written a tutorial to help others learn how to make virtual escape rooms using Google Forms. Find her tutorial HERE.

My daughter hopes you enjoy her Valentine’s Day Virtual Escape Room. She is already thinking about what virtual escape room she wants to create next. (Be sure to leave her a comment on her escape room if you have an idea for a virtual escape room she should make.)

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