The Mandalorian Baby Yoda Birthday Party Ideas – Decorations, Free Printables, Food

This is the way… to celebrate a Mandalorian birthday party! From handmade Mandalorian decorations, Baby Yoda food ideas, easy tutorials and custom shirts this Mandalorian Baby Yoda birthday party is full of ideas to make your foundling’s birthday a success.

The Mandalorian Baby Yoda Birthday Party Ideas

Mandalorian Baby Yoda Birthday Party Ideas

I was surprised my daughter was hooked from the very first episode of The Mandalorian when she was just two-years-old, but I was not at all surprised when she requested a Mandalorian-themed birthday party. And let me be clear, her party was not a Baby Yoda / Grogo party, it was a Mandalorian party — the birthday girl insisted. Each time I made something featuring Baby Yoda she asked what I was making for Mando. But not to worry, if you love The Child you will still find lots of ideas, he’s too cute not to include.

Because we are still in a COVID environment, the only guests at the party were cousins. So for the first time, I did not design a custom birthday party invitation. If you need a party invitation, check out these cute ideas.

Baby Yoda Birthday Party Decorations

I had so much fun creating this party with lots of fun handmade Baby Yoda decorations. You can recreate several of my party decorations with my free printable baby Yoda ears. I have a set to make your own Baby Yoda Lanterns and another to make Baby Yoda Plates. Tutorials for the more complicated items are coming soon.

Baby Yoda Felt Ball Garland

One of the first things I decided to make was a Baby Yoda felt ball Garland. I am obsessed with felt ball garlands after making the ghost one for my daughter’s pink glam Halloween birthday. I am so excited about how the Baby Yoda felt ball garland turned out that it now hangs in a place of honor in my daughter’s room.

Tutorial for Baby Yoda felt ball garland coming soon with a free template.

Baby Yoad Felt Ball Banner Craft

Baby Yoda Paper Lantern Free Template

High above the party, I hung Baby Yoda Paper Lanterns. I love paper lanterns because they are such an easy decoration to add color to any party. Adding paper Baby Yoda ears to these green lanterns was such a fun statement.

To make it even easier for your party, you can download the free Baby Yoda paper lantern template HERE. Print the template directly onto green cardstock paper, cut out the ears, fold on the line and use hot glue to attach the ears to the paper lantern. Even on the very wet party day we had, the hot glue held perfectly. The one downside is that I can’t use the paper lanterns for a future party because removing the ears will rip the paper lantern, but tape might have ripped too and this way I didn’t have to worry about them falling off.

Baby Yoda Paper Lantern

Mandalorian Birthday Party Decorations

The easiest decoration I made was the Mandalorian banner. After designing the banner with the Mandalorian crest and Din Djarin’s Mudhorn Signet, I printed it directly onto the cardstock paper (purchased at Joann). Then I used a paper slicer to cut it out, punched holes in it and strung it on some jute twine.

You can use my design to make your own Mandalorian banner in about five minutes. Download the file HERE.

Madalorian Baby Yoda Birthday Banner

Baby Yoda Plates And Mandolorian Cups

I’ve never been a huge fan of character plates. (Don’t get me started on the uselessness of character napkins, whatever dye they use renders the napkin virtually useless!) I prefer to use colors to imply the character without overtly having a character’s photo on it.

Baby Yoda Plates

For this party, I turned green snack plates into Baby Yoda and set them upon a brown dinner plate, and it turned out adorable. It was a very easy craft, and like the Baby Yoda lanterns, I made it even easier for you by sharing the template I created.

You will need green snack-size plates (I got mine at Party City) and green cardstock paper (mine is from JoAnn). Print the template directly onto the green cardstock, and then cut out each ear. The template makes two sets of ears per page. Then use double-sided craft tape to attach the ears under the edge of each plate. This is my favorite double-sided craft tape, I always have a roll on hand because it holds better than regular tape.

Download the Baby Yoda Plate Ears HERE.

Baby Yoda Plate

Mandalorian Cups

For the Mandalorian cups I used silver cups to represent Beskar (cups from Party City). Then I used my Cricut to cut Mandalorian helmets out of black vinyl. For the Mandalorian helmet, I used an SVG file that I purchased from Etsy. It was part of the same pack I bought with the file for my daughter’s shirt (below).

Purchase the Mandalorian SVG files from Etsy.

Mandalorian Cups Tablescape

Mandalorian Cupcakes

The one item my daughter specifically requested was Mandalorian cupcakes. I pondered how I was going to make this happen for a while, and then I stumbled across this Boba Fett silicone mold and it all clicked – candy mold Mandalorian helmets!

Obviously, Din Djarin does not have a ranger finder on his helmet, and that would have bugged my Mando loving daughter. Lucky for me, the range-finder is shallower than the rest of the mold. When I poured the chocolate, I did not fill the mold to the top and it looked perfect. (The mold also comes with a Mandalorian crest, but my daughter only wanted the helmets.)

Mandalorian Cupcake Chocolate Helmet

Let’s talk about chocolates. I’ve worked with candy molds many times, always using colorful candy melts. But since the Mandalorian helmets were to be dark brown, I decided to use dark chocolate instead of candy melts. I decided to do this because I don’t like the taste of candy melts as much as I love dark chocolate. (My kids eat everything.)

Well, I learned why people use melts. Working with chocolate is much more complicated. And if your party happens to be on a rainy day, the chocolate becomes mottled. I was so sad that chocolate molds didn’t look as perfect as when I made them. My family assured me that it just looked like the helmets had seen some battle. But I assure you, next time I will use chocolate candy melts instead of dark chocolate. (And bonus, I won’t want to eat them. LOL.)

Mandalorian Cupcakes

Baby Yoda Birthday Party Food Ideas

I love the way the Baby Yoda Marshmallow pops turned out. I make marshmallow pops for all of my kids’ birthdays because kids love them and they are easy to make to fit any party theme. I was thrilled to make Baby Yoda mallows.

Baby Yoda Marshmallow Pops

Tutorial for the Baby Yoda Marshmallow Pops coming soon.

The rest of the food items represented Grogo’s favorite snacks Chicky Nuggies, frogs (Haribo gummies), and blue cookies.

Baby Yoda Party Frogs

Not exactly macoroons, but I found these at Party City and they looked the part. The cookies were individually wrapped for party favors, and they were quite yummy.

Baby Yoda Blue Cookies

Mandalorian Shirts

I looked high and low for a Mandalorian shirt for my daughter to wear at her party. Unable to find much of anything (most shirts feature Baby Yoda only), I decided to make one for her. I let her help pick what she wanted. She wanted a Mando helmet and “This is the way.” I made it happen.

When I found the perfect Beskar silver skirt from Old Navy, the outfit came together. Cricut Foil Iron-On in Chrome looks like Beskar to us, and while it’s hard to photograph it looks super cool in person. Best of all, she was one happy kid!

I purchased this set of Mandalorian SVG files from Etsy to make the “This Is The Way” shirt.

This Is The Way Cricut Shirt

At the last minute, I realized everyone had a Mando-themed shirt except for mom. So I decided to make one for myself. Kuiil’s catchphrase, “I have spoken” makes a perfect mom shirt!

  • Dadalorian shirt from The Chivery
  • Tie-dye Baby Yoda shirt from Kohl’s 
  • Green Baby Yoda shirt from Disney Parks

I also found the cutest Mandalorian and Baby Yoda fabric at Joann, which I made into a Mandalorian Baby Yoda knotty headband for the birthday girl. Knotty headband tutorial coming soon. 

Madalorian Cricut Shirts

Mandalorian Baby Yoda Birthday Party Supplies

Ready to host your own Mandalorian Baby Yoda birthday party. Here is my shopping list.


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