Do You Wanna Roll A Snowman? Elf On The Shelf Printable Activity

Our Elf on the Shelf, Kringle, has returned. Most nights, Kringle just wings it and moves around the house in various hiding spots, but sometimes he likes to bring a little extra magic like this “Do You Wanna Roll A Snowman” game. The good news is that your Elf can easily bring this magic to your house via this Elf on the Shelf Printable Activity — as long as he has access to your printer, of course. Long after your Elf has returned to the North Pole, this snowman game can continue to be a fun winter printable activity.

Elf On The Shelf Roll A Snowman Activity Page

Our house has been taken over by Frozen fever (again), so it seemed only fitting for our Elf on the Shelf to invite Elsa and Anna to play a game with the kids. Feel free to include other toys in the set up or let your Elf on the Shelf have all the fun.

Do You Wanna Build A Snowman Elf on the Shelf

Do You Wanna Roll A Snowman Directions

Print as many snowman coloring pages as snowmen your family would like to build. Our Elf brought each child two snowman pages. Tip, your Elf can leave the information from the printable with the cube to let your kids know where you can get more pages later.

Print a snowman dice in your choice of full-color or black and white if you want to save ink. For best results print the dice on a thicker cardstock paper. Find the cardstock I use for all of my printables HERE. (Regular copy paper will do in a pinch.)

Download the Do You Wanna Roll A Snowman Elf On The Shelf Printable HERE.

The downloaded file will have a color cube, snowman page and a black and white cube. Just print the pages you want (color or black and white).

To play the game, take turns rolling the dice and follow the instructions given by the dice.

Our kids were a fit of giggles drawing extra sets of arms and eyes. It can become quite silly.

Elf On The Shelf Do You Wanna Roll A Snowman Printable

Printable Winter Snowman Activity

While our Elf on the Shelf incorporated the Do You Want To Roll A Snowman activity into his daily antics, this printable is also fun as a winter activity. It is a great way to talk about the parts that make up a snowman with toddlers or a fun group activity for Girl Scouts. As a Girl Scout Leader, I am always looking for something I can use as a time filler while we wait for others to arrive, and this would be something the girls could do quietly on their own while the wait. It would also be great for room parents trying to come up with an easy activity for kids to do during a winter / holiday party. In other words, I hope you find lots of uses for this printable winter snowman activity.

Roll A Snowman Printable Activity

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