Before I Turn 40…

This is part of a sponsored series about fashion finds at BJ’s Wholesale Club, but my search for workout clothes for less on my journey to 40 is my own. #BJsSmartSaver

This is the year I turn 40. Forty. 4.0. Over-the-hill. How did that happen? I remember when my parents turned 40. They were so old. So very old. (Sorry mom and dad.) I am not old. But if I am being honest with myself, I’ve been so busy taking care of babies for the last 10 years I haven’t been taking care of me. If I don’t start to focus on me, I will be old. The pinched nerve in my neck that laid me up for a WEEK over winter break is proof of that. So, it’s time to make some changes.

Barre Workout

I’ve never been one for New Year’s resolutions. Mostly because I’ve never kept one past January. So while everyone else is making New Year’s resolutions this month, I am instead choosing to allow myself more time for me. That includes getting off my tuchus and moving, revising my skin care routine (hello, eye cream!), revamping my wardrobe (have you watched Tidying Up yet?!), and keeping my stress level down by saying “no” (a word I finally learned last year that has helped my mental health tremendously).

I’ve never been one for high-impact workouts. I don’t like to run, and I don’t love the gym. But I have always had a love for dance. I’ve looked into trying Barre many times, but the locations were all 20-30 minutes away. Let’s face it, there is no way I am carving out two hours for me to workout. But serendipity happened, and one opened up minutes from my house. So for the first time in years, I am excited to try a new workout. (This is huge for me!)

Of course, one cannot fully commit to something new without the appropriate attire. (Hello, new focusing on me – I am not showing up in my 10+ years old workout clothes.) But I am also not ready to jump into the sea and spend a ton of money. So off to BJ’s Wholesale Club I went for what I was sure would be some great deals on new workout clothes.

Score, I was right!

BJ’s Wholesale Club is full of workout gear for the new year. Rows and rows of cute athletic leggings and yoga pants. Plenty to choose from.

Workout Clothes For Less From BJ’s Wholesale Club

After much debate and consult from my seven-year-old fashionista, I settled on a pair of leggings, new sports bras, tank tops, a jacket and a new pair of sneakers.

Workout Clothes From BJ's Wholesale

Since I have never been a workout queen, I’ve also never been one to wear athleisure. I always felt weird since I wasn’t working out. Since I am finally going to be working out, I wanted to pick something that I could actually wear during the day.

The floral pants I choose are super soft and were only $14.99. I sized up in them to a medium because… Christmas cookies. But after wearing them, I think I should have gotten a small. They run true to size.

The most unique thing I chose was this reversible tank top. One side has a scoop neck, the other has a v-neck. Two looks in one! It was also part of a two-pack with one black and one cream for just $14.99. I was worried the fabric would be very thin, but I was pleasantly surprised when I got home to try it on how nice and thick it is. The packs only came in an XS/S and a M/L so I sized up, and it was the right choice, so I think these run on the smaller size. These can totally double as camis under a shirt or sweater.

I don’t even want to think about how old my sports bras are. Let’s just say, the elastic has gone bad in them. So I picked up a two pack of them for $19.99. I like the pink trim on the black one, it will be my go-to choice.

Workout Gear For Mom

Even though I live in Florida, it is January so I need a light jacket. This one is by Shape and was only $19.99. I was excited when I got home to discover it has thumb holes. My kids are obsessed with thumb holes, but I have never had any so now I get to have a pair. It also has both a hoodie and a collar, which is pretty cool. The jacket defiantly runs on the smaller size. I bought a medium, and while it fits, it is more fitted than I usually like in a jacket. (Perhaps it’s those Christmas cookies again.)

Total cost for my new look (plus an additional sports bra, and tank and name brand sneakers), $104.99 (plus tax).

If you aren’t a BJ’s Wholesale Club member yet, you should put that on your new year list of things to do. You can find great prices on everything from fashion to food, toys to furniture and so much more all in one place.

Now that I am appropriately outfitted, I am officially ready for my first Barre class. I even found some videos on YouTube I am going to try do before I go so I have a better idea what to expect.

I am 39 years old, and I plan to be the best 39-year-old mom I can be.

Before I Turn 40

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  1. I hope you enjoy your new class! Also, remember age is just a number. I had my last baby two days before turning the big 4-0. =)

    • Thank you. I do too! I do know it is just a number. I think for me it is just a reflection and realization that I really have stopped letting myself have “me time” and “me activities.” That’s what I hope this class is for me 🙂


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