Pregnancy Week By Week Pictures + The Best Orlando Pregnancy App

I don’t have a lot of pictures of my first two pregnancies, but by the time I was pregnant with my third I knew I wanted photos – lots of photos. I dedicated myself to taking pregnancy week by week pictures, kept up with what size fruit my baby had grown to be that week and even got dressed up and had an official maternity photo session. A lot changed between my first and last pregnancies, especially technology and this time around I used my phone to keep me organized and informed.

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Pregnancy Week By Week Pictures

Pregnancy Week By Week Pictures

It wasn’t always easy to feel like taking a picture because, unfortunately, my body doesn’t handle being pregnant very well. But I bought a comfy dress and made a commitment to the idea of pregnancy week by week pictures. Even though I can see in my face how ill I felt in some of those pictures, I am so glad I committed to the project. Just look at that belly grow. It really is a special memory for me.

I’ll share some tips to make your pregnancy week by week pictures a success below, but first I want to tell you about the new pregnancy app from Orlando Health Winnie Palmer. 

Hello Baby! Winnie Palmer Pregnancy App

Two years ago this week, my youngest was the size of an olive, now she’s a toddler! It’s crazy to think how much they grow and change so much in those first years. While keeping track of everything when you a pregnant seems like a monumental task, the Hello Baby! Winnie Palmer Pregnancy App helps keep you organized and informed throughout your pregnancy. 

Orlando Health Pregnancy App

The Hello Baby! pregnancy app was created by the team at Orlando Health Winnie Palmer as a resource for local moms. Having delivered all three of my babies at Orlando Health Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women and Babies, I am more than a bit jealous the Hello Baby! pregnancy app wasn’t available for my pregnancies.

From the week by week fruit comparison to a packing list for the hospital, the Hello Baby! pregnancy app has everything pregnant moms need. Even more importantly for Florida moms, the app includes information local from Orlando Health Winnie Palmer about providers and services to help you plan for baby. 

Hello Baby Pregnancy App

I love that everything from checklists to local referrals is available at your fingertips inside the app. Local moms can even sign up for a tour of Orlando Health Winnie Palmer and pre-register for delivery right from the app. It is a great combination of general pregnancy information that any mom-to-be can use and specific information local moms need. 

I love checklists, so I was pleased to see the packing checklist as well as the birth plan. It has suggestions built into it, but you can also add and remove items to customize it for your needs. There is even a built-in kick counter, water tracker and contraction timer. 

Mom Tip – While the app is designed to assist moms, I think dads should download the app too. It’s a great resource for dads to follow along and know how baby is growing to feel like they are part of the pregnancy process. I know my husband would have loved having the app on his phone.

Included in the app is a “Take a Bumpie” feature designed to help you take those all important bump pictures. While checking out what’s new with your baby each week you can stop to take that week by week bumpie. You can even decorate your photo with stickers to make sharing milestone photos like the gender reveal or halfway mark even more special. As an added bonus, the app stores all of the bumpies together, so you can find them easily later. 

The Hello Baby! Winnie Palmer pregnancy app from iTunes or Google Play. Download it today and start checking out all of the great features. 

Bumpie With Orlando Pregnancy App

Tips For Pregnancy Week By Week Pictures

As you can see from my photos in order to really focus on how my belly grew week over week, I opted to wear the same outfit each week. Having chosen a solid grey wall as my background, I picked a fitted black dress that would stretch with my belly’s growth. While I had a fancy dress for my maternity photos, I wanted my weekly pictures to be casual. 

For the most part, I took each picture on Sunday afternoon because it was an easy day to remember. But I allowed myself the leeway of taking it another day for those weeks when Sunday just wasn’t possible.

Some people like to get fancy with a sign they update weekly as to the size of the baby, how they feel and any other interesting facts. But I decided to keep things simple — a plain, solid background and me in the same dress, over and over again. 

Whether you use a “real camera” or your phone to take the photos, create a folder to put your weekly photo so you can find them easily at the end.  

Don’t stop when baby arrives. I think my favorite two photos are the one from the day before she was born and the one from the following Sunday. It really makes the photos come full circle.

Pregnancy Before After Photo

Most of all, have fun with your pregnancy week by week pictures. Don’t let not feeling well or not feeling like you look your best stop you from taking the photo. After baby is born, you will treasure looking back on all of the photos and remembering — even the days you felt sick — because that’s all part of it.

Don’t forget to download the Hello Baby! Winnie Palmer pregnancy app from iTunes or Google Play on your phone and dad’s phone. Use the resources within the app to make the most of your pregnancy.  

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