Best Gear For Baby Learning To Walk

She did it! At 13 months old P got up and walked. She is so pleased with herself, it is adorable. She can finally carry all the things and get somewhere. It’s a big deal for our little collector of things. Now that she’s walking, I am reminded of how important it is to be ready for this important milestone with the best gear for baby learning to walk.

This post is sponsored by Pampers. 

Pampers Cruisers Toddler

Help Baby Learning To Walk

Babies will walk on their own when they are good and ready, but like every milestone there are things you can do to help make it easier for them and easier on you. These are my must haves to help baby learning to walk. 

Walking Toys

First comes cruising on the couch and pushing a walker before baby is all out walking. And when they take those first steps pushing a toy across the floor, it is sheer delight – for them and for their parents. There are all kinds of great walking toys, but I recommend looking for one that has two speeds. When P first learned to cruise the fast ones slipped right out from under her, a neighbor gave us this one with slower wheels and it was perfect. 

Baby Walking Toy

*Note, not all babies cruise first. I have known some babies to just get up and walk, but generally speaking walking toys are great even after they can walk on their own. 

Don’t Let Leaks Slow Them Down

There is a big difference between an infant who just lays there and a baby on the move, that’s why Pampers Cruisers are designed for wiggly babies. Pampers Cruisers give baby the freedom to play without leaks thanks to a three-way fit and three Extra Absorb Channels help distribute wetness evenly from front to back. This means less sag to drag babies down, which means a happy baby. 

Baby Wearing Diaper

Whether she is crawling, climbing or walking – I feel confident her diapers will keep her – and her clothes — dry. Since I have enough to worry about chasing her around the house, I am happy Pampers takes this off my mind. It means we can play at home and on the go without worry about her diapers. Because this wiggly baby doesn’t sit still long. 

Baby Wearing Cruisers Diapers

Don’t Leave Home Without Hand Wipes

She’s walking, she’s crawling, she’s walking, she’s falling. If I could put some sort of shoes on her hands to keep them clean, I would. I swear she touches every dirty surface just before putting her hands in her mouth. Since keeping this girl still is next to impossible, I am embracing her on-the-go antics and wiping her hands down with antibacterial wipes every chance I get. Even when that means walk, crawling in public places. (Bring me the wipes for her hands and feet – stat.)

Baby Climbing

Skip The Dress

I love baby dresses, but when baby is learning to walk they just get in the way. I forget this with every baby and buy my daughter’s cute dresses. They wear them once, get tangled and frustrated in them while trying to walk/crawl and back in the closet they go. Learn from me, save your money. Save the dresses until they master walking on their own. One-piece rompers are perfect for babies on the go.  


Best Baby Shoes

Until they start walking, baby shoes are really just a fashion statement. But the moment they are on the go, they also need to be practical. Experts agree that soft-soled shoes are best for a newly walking baby. And my favorite shoes are leather moccasins. Whether you go expensive name brands or the inexpensive version not only are they adorable, but they stay on wiggly toes and the soft soles help babies grip the floor with their toes. 

Freshly Picked Baby Moccasins

While it is an exciting milestone, I admit to being a bit wistful for my tiny smooshy infant. Time goes so fast when they are little. But despite my wistfulness, I love watching her begin to toddle. Even if that means most of my pictures these days are of her crawling or walking away. 

Baby Learning To Walk

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