5 Baby Bedtime Essentials

This list of baby bedtime essentials is sponsored by Pampers.

For my best friend’s baby shower, I gave her a sound machine. I told her how great it was and how easy it was to pack for travel. We loved it, so I knew she would too. I didn’t think much about that gift until years later when she told me that she mentally rolled her eyes and thought, “Why would we use that thing, let along travel with it.” She told me the story because she and her daughter came to rely on that machine and take it everywhere. Four years later, both of her daughters still sleep with a sound machine, and she still thanks me for that sound machine every time I see her. 

It was the best gift I could give her – the gift of sleep. 

Baby Bedtime Essentials

Baby Bedtime Essentials

Creating a bedtime routine is essential to helping your baby learn to sleep, and keeping baby comfortable, dry and happy is part of creating a successful routine. These baby bedtime essentials helped our daughter start sleeping through the night at a month old. 

Sound Machine – Our kids love their sound machines. They have been part of our bedtime routine since birth. For the youngest, it also helps drown out the sound of her loud sisters when she is napping. Ours doubles as a nightlight with projections on the ceiling. 

Homedics Soundspa Lullaby

The Going To Bed Book – My husband has read The Going To Bed Book to my daughters every night before bed since I was pregnant with our oldest. Even when he is away from home, he calls to say goodnight and recite the book. Although I highly recommend the book, the point is to establish a routine. By reading this book every night when the girls were little, it helped associate the story with sleep. Although the older girls don’t need it any more, it is still a happy family tradition we keep. And the book really is perfect for a nighttime tradition. 

The Going To Bed Book

Pampers Baby Dry – As baby is learning to sleep through the night, the last thing you want is for a wet diaper to wake her up. You need a diaper that will hold all of the nighttime liquid and help baby stay sound asleep. Pampers Baby Dry diapers are now enhanced with Extra Absorb Channels, to give your baby up to 12 hours of overnight protection. Currently available in sizes 3-6, Pampers Baby Dry with extra absorb channels will be available in size 1 and 2 in early 2018, which means babies of all ages and stages can sleep soundly and feel dry.

Pampers Baby Dry

Myth – a thicker diaper is not a better diaper. Ordinary diapers get wetter and bulkier through the night, but Pampers Baby Dry provides up to 12 hours of protection and exclusive extra absorb channels for a less bulky and comfortable fit.

Pampers Baby Dry Extra Absorb Channels

Bassinet – Remember my friend I introduced to the sound machine? She introduced me to my favorite new bassinet. I adored having her sleep by my side safely in the bassinet. In the early days it made nighttime feedings easy and I slept so much better knowing she was right there. I wish I had this when my older girls were babies. 

Mom Baby Sleeping

Swaddle Blankets – I love muslin swaddle blankets. I have quite a collection of them and I use them for everything. From swaddling my newborn to sleep to playtime on the floor. My six-year-old still sleeps with one of them as her blanket. I can’t get enough of the soft muslin fabric and my daughter loved being swaddled to sleep. 

Sleeping Baby Girl

Keeping your baby warm, dry and comfortable is essential to a good night sleep. 

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