Blue Man Group Orlando Review – Should You Take The Kids?

Should you take kids to see Blue Man Group? The short answer is, yes! This past weekend, we took all of the kids, ages 9, 6 and 11 months, to see Blue Man Group and it was fun for the whole family. My Universal Blue Man Group Orlando review gives this show two (blue) thumbs up for the whole family. 

We were provided tickets to Blue Man to facilitate this Blue Man Group Orlando review, but all opinions are those of my family.  

Kids Blue Man Group Orlando Review

Blue Man Group Orlando Review

Whether you are visiting Orlando, Florida on vacation, or you a Floridian like myself looking for some family entertainment, the Blue Man Group is a great fit for all ages. It’s loud, it’s colorful and it’s entertaining. And our kids loved it. In fact, this was our older girls second time seeing the show, and they are already talking about next time we go.

Tip – be sure to ask for a booster seat so little ones can see better. 

How Long Is The Blue Man Group Show?

The Blue Man Group show is about 90 – 105 minutes long with no intermission. The first time I wondered how the girls would do for that long without a break, but our kids were captivated throughout the show. The baby got antsy after about an hour, so dad stood up with her in the back and let her watch from there. Her eyes were so big as she watched everything unfold on stage. 

Even my 6-year-old who has a short attention span was entertained throughout the show. She thought those guys were so silly. 

Blue Man Group Orlando Review

Is Blue Man Group Funny For Kids?

One of the reasons it holds kids’ (and adults’) attention is because the show is broken into sketches. One minute the Blue Man Group are banging on paint drums, the next they are being silly and making the audience laugh. And it is the kind of humor that transcends age. The Blue Men look funny, they act silly and they squirt paint — even kids can relate to that. 

Although there is some humor geared toward adults (ie at the end of the show when giant balloons are dropped from the ceiling and a voice asks the audience to return its balls), it is light and went right over the heads of our kids. 

Blue Man Group Orlando

How Much Are Blue Man Group Kids Tickets?

Blue Man Group Orlando loves kids and offers half price tickets for kids ages 3-9. (Lap seated children under three are free.) Kids tickets are even available in the poncho area upfront.

What’s the poncho area? That’s the splash zone. We didn’t sit there, but those people sure looked like they were having fun. 

Florida Residents – Don’t miss this deal, Blue Man Group Orlando is currently offering Florida Residents tickets starting at $49 (kids start at $29). The Florida Resident deal doesn’t work for the poncho seats upfront, but we had just as much fun sitting in the back. 

The Florida Resident makes this a great show to take visiting friends and family. 

Photos With Blue Man Group Orlando

After the show, don’t be too quick to rush out. Head to the lobby for your chance to take a photo with the Blue Man Group and ensemble cast. Because photos like this one are priceless. 

Blue Man Group Kids

Want a dinner recommendation to go with the show? We ate at Red Oven Pizza in City Walk after the show, and it was really good. Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville is also always a good choice. But we wanted something quick, and Red Oven was perfect. 

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