Project MC2 Dolls With Experiments Should Be At The Top Of Your Shopping List

As our girls get older, it becomes increasingly difficult to find age-appropriate that the whole family will enjoy. So when we find one, I shout it from the rooftops. Project MC2 on Netflix is one of those shows. A little girl power, some STEAM know-how and a mystery to solve is the perfect recipe for fun. And the Project MC2 toys are just as great as the show.

Project MC2 Dolls With Experiments

This is a sponsored post, but my family has loved Project MC2 long before this post and Project MC2 toys were already on our Christmas lists.

My oldest loves the show so much, she asked for Adrienne’s Volcano set and the A.D.I.S.N. Journal last Christmas. This year the Project MC2 Pixel Purse (HERE) is at the top of her wishlist and she is going to be over-the-moon to discover the whole line of dolls. The show also inspired her Project MC2 / Science Birthday Party.

Although my daughters love to play with dolls, the Project MC2 dolls are more than just dolls – they also come with hands-on STEAM experiments. The cute experiments are just right for kids to create a fun project and include everything you need.

In addition to being fun, I love that the experiments also explain the science behind the project. That way my girls have a chance to learn something new with each experiment they do. With STEAM emphasized so much in school these days, it is a fun way to incorporate learning into play.

Project MC2 Bryden Bandweth Phone Case

Of course, the experiments don’t take away from the fact that these are also cute dolls. And this season’s dolls are the fanciest with masquerade costumes. Long after we are done creating with the experiments, I know I will find my girls acting out scenes from the show with their dolls.

Project MC2 Ember Fair Wing Earrings Experiment

The newest Project MC2 dolls with experiments include:

  • McKeyla’s Glue Tattoo Experiment – Make your own temporary glue tattoo with Project MC2 leader McKeyla McAlister HERE.
  • Adrienne’s Lemon Soap Experiment – Make your own lemon soap with culinary chemist, Adrienne Attoms HERE.
  • Ember’s Fair Wing Earrings Experiments – Make your own fairy wing earrings with earthy scientist, Ember Evergreen HERE.
  • Bryden’s Phone Case Experiment – Make your own glitter phone case with tech guru, Bryden Bandweth HERE.
  • Camryn’s Nail Polish Experiment – Make your own nail polish with engineer, Camryn Coyle HERE.

If you have a daughter in elementary school, I highly recommend watching Project MC2 on Netflix. There are now six seasons of Project MC2 on Netflix, so you can binge watch with the kids.

Project MC2 dolls with experiments are available on Amazon, plus there are even more Project MC2 science kits available on Amazon. We’ve owned several and my daughters have had fun with each one.

Project MC2 Adrienne Lemon Soap

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