Science Birthday Party Ideas – Printables, Food, Experiments & More

For my daughter’s 9th birthday she decided on a science birthday party. It totally fits my daughter, who is always creating some sort of science experiment. Plus one of her favorite TV shows is Project MC2 (if you aren’t familiar with it, I highly recommend it for girls ages 5-12). Because the show is secret agent/ science based, the party had a loose Project MC2 party theme too. But mostly, it was all about the science. Enjoy these Science Birthday Party Ideas. 

Science Birthday Party

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Science Birthday Party Ideas

Out of all the science party decorations, the biggest wow factor for the kids was the science experiment centerpiece. I filled several glass beakers and flasks with water and a couple drops of food coloring. Then as we were serving lunch (and again at dessert time), we dropped pieces of dry ice into the flasks and beakers. So easy and the kids were mesmerized.* 

*It is important to handle dry ice with care – wear proper gloves and use tongs. Keep dry ice out of reach of children.

The kids begged us to do it again and again, and we happily obliged explaining the science behind the cool party trick.

Science Party Ideas

Science Birthday Party Printables

Although I normally design all of my own printables for parties, I just had a baby, so this time I searched out printables to buy. Luckily, my daughter fell in love with the one I found so it was a win for me! The Etsy seller was over-the-top helpful, and although the listing included party printables with orange as one of the primary colors, she had most items with pink as well. So if you are looking for pink, just ask! 

Buy the science birthday party printables I used on Etsy.

The fully editable set includes:

  • Science Party Invitation 
  • 2″ Cupcake Toppers 
  • Decorative Food Labels
  • Favor/Thank-you Tags 
  • Cupcake Collars
  • Mini Cake Bunting
  • Water Bottle Labels 
  • Test tube Garland
  • Printable Backdrop 
  • Letter page for crafting

Science Birthday Party Ideas

But I couldn’t go a whole party without designing a couple of things. So to add to the science party theme, I designed a hand scan entry. (Also perfectly fitting for the Project MC2 party theme! I even used the name of the lab from the show.)

My daughter loved it, but I wondered what the other kids would think. I was very pleased to hear several moms mention their child scanning their hand upon arrival. And my sweet five-year-old thought it was a real scanner. 

Birthday Party Hand Scan

When the kids were little I always put out themed coloring pages and crayons to keep them busy while the other partygoers arrived. It’s a great way to keep the kids from running amuck, but I didn’t think coloring pages would keep these kiddos attention. So in keeping with the theme, I created a science word search. Science party activities that double as learning – score! 

Download the Science Word Search Printable

Science Word Search Printable

Birthday Party Science Experiments

Forget party games, the best part about this science birthday party were the experiments! We did four science / STEM experiments, to represent the four main girls from Project MC2. And each one was a hit. I tried hard to do science experiments the girls had never done to make the party unique. (Pat on the back, I succeed!) And oh boy did the girls love the experiments:

  • Bath Fizzy
  • Mood Polish
  • Potato Light
  • Secret Messages

I plan to do a post with details about each experiment soon.

Kids Science Party Experiments

Science Party Favors

At our party, the experiments doubled as science party favors, which meant they were both DIY and practical – the perfect combination for party favors if you ask me. And what 9-year-old wouldn’t want to take home her own bottle of mode nail polish and bath fizzy! 

I used the cupcake toppers from the printable set as tags for the polish. For the Bath Fizzy, I edited the text on the tag to include the ingredients so girls could recreate their experiments at home. (Tip keep a Sharpie handy so the girls can write their name on the back of the tags!)

Other ideas for science party favors include:

Science Party Food

Since the printable set included editable science party food labels, we had fun coming up with creative names for the science party food:

  • Double Helix Cheese Sticks
  • Fruit Molecules
  • Marshmallow Neutrons
  • Experimental Jello
  • Proton Pizza
  • Atoms (Sixlets)
  • Chemical Punch

Science Party Food Ideas

The party was a huge success for the birthday girl and all of her friends. If you are planning a party, I hope these Science Birthday Party ideas will inspire you.

Other Science Party Supplies:

Check out our cook science shirts! Yes, even the baby has a onesie that says “Sweet and Smart.”

Cool Science Shirts

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  1. Hi. I love the pics…looks like your family had a GREAT time. I downloaded the same printables you used, but I am not able to edit the backdrops…any suggestions?

    • Hi – make sure you are using Adobe Acrobat – the full version, not just the reader to edit the text. If you are still having trouble, I recommend reaching out to the seller on Etsy. I didn’t make these (for once), so I am unable to assist with trouble shooting. Hope this helps, good luck and have fun!!!

  2. Thanks for sharing your wonderful party ideas! This is a huge help for me as, my daughter too wants a project mc2 bday party! I am so excited to get started! Her birthday isn’t until Feb, but I figure I would get started early! Thanks again for sharing!


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