Change How You Charge At Best Buy

Ugh, that dreaded feeling of “low battery.” Running out of power on my phone when I am on the go is a major source of anxiety, especially for important events when I don’t want to miss a picture. Since there is no way I am going to stop what I am doing to sit at a wall charger, portable chargers are my BFF.

This post is sponsored by Best Buy, but my love for portable charging gear is my own.

Best Buy wants to help you change how you charge and make sure everyone knows how to charge on the go. You don’t have to just use the cable and charger that came in the box with your phone, there are so many new ways to charge your phone. Whether you are on vacation, at a party or prepping for a hurricane portable chargers are your friend. (True story, I had 9 of them lined up and charged as part of my hurricane prep.) 

Change How You Charge

For power on the go, the Samsung 5,100 mAh portable charging pack supports a fast charge system to ensure you’ve always got power when needed. So you can talk, text and surf longer when you’re out and about without working about draining your battery.

Samsung Portable Fast Charge Battery Pack

For Samsung users, one of the coolest ways to charge is with a wireless fast charge pad. You don’t even have to plugin – just set it on top and it charges your phone 1.4x faster then a cable. It can also be used with a stand for power at home too. 

Samsung Wireless Charging Pad

Stop worrying about running out of power on the go. Best Buy has a large assortment for all of your charging needs no matter what type of cell phone you have. Head over to Best Buy’s website and chance out the Change How You Charge page to see all of the options available and save up to 20% on Samsung charging devices.

Next time you are headed to an important event, charge up your phone and portable device at home so you can have double or triple the power you need on the go. 

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