2017 Solar Eclipse Worksheet

With less than a week until the solar eclipse, I woke up this morning with an idea. Watching the solar eclipse is a big deal, and I want to help my kids remember the event so to commemorate the event I created a 2017 solar eclipse worksheet.

2017 Solar Eclipse Printable

Solar Eclipse Worksheet

Because we don’t have plans to travel for the eclipse, our big girls will be able to watch the eclipse start at school with the peak about 20 minutes after they get home. My plan is to print this out and have it ready for them to fill out while we watch the sun return to full brightness.

(Download the solar eclipse worksheet below.)

Along with silly photos of the whole family in our special solar eclipse glasses, this 2017 solar eclipse worksheet will make an excellent addition to their school memory boxes.

I also plan to make one of the old-school pinhole viewer as well.

Here in Florida, we are expecting about 85% coverage. Here’s hoping for great weather to watch the solar eclipse.

Please be sure to protect your eyes and your kids’ eyes. Check out this article from the Washington Post about the fake solar eclipse glasses being sold and where to find good ones.

Since I plan to pick up my daughters early to watch the solar eclipse from home, I want to make it as educational as possible. I will have them watch the video above, and I purchased the workbook below. I know my daughters will like the Mad Libs page! I think I might also buy one of the other books on Kindle to read during the eclipse.

Solar Eclipse 2017: The Complete Kids' Guide and Activity Book for the Great American Solar EclipseSolar Eclipse 2017: The Complete Kids’ Guide and Activity Book for the Great American Solar EclipseEddie's EclipseEddie’s EclipseThe Big EclipseThe Big Eclipse

Download the 2017 Solar Eclipse Worksheet HERE.

Printable Solar Eclipse Worksheet

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