Easy Jungle Diaper Cake Tutorial

As a mother of three, I am a firm believer in practical baby gifts. But I am also a sucker for all the cute baby things. Because aren’t we all? Combining my love for practically with adorable baby items, I love to give diaper cakes as shower gifts. Starting with a practical base of diapers, they can be dressed up with any theme to make them extra special. My most recent creation was a jungle diaper cake.

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Jungle Diaper Cake Tutorial

The gift of diapers is universally appreciated by new parents, but instead of using teeny tiny newborn or size one diapers, I prefer to use size two or even size three in my diaper cakes. Although my petite six-month-old is still in a size one, my friend’s two-month-old is moving on to a size two already. You just never know. Always practical, I go for the bigger sizes so the new parents have diapers as the baby gets bigger.

How to Make a Jungle Diaper Cake

My favorite diapers are also the best diapers to use for diaper cakes — Pampers Swaddlers. I love them for diaper cakes because they are mostly white with just a little band of color, so they make a nice clean base for a jungle diaper cake.


  • 65-80 Pampers Swaddlers
  • Mini elastic hair ties
  • Large rubber bands
  • Coordinating ribbon
  • 12-inch cake board
  • Bambi baby toy
  • Sophie the Giraffe
  • Giraffe Wubbanub
  • 8oz baby bottle
  • Aden and Anais Swaddles


The most time-consuming part of making a diaper cake is rolling the diapers. You will need to roll approximately 65-80 diapers. Exactly how many diapers you use will depend on the size diaper you use and how tight you pack them together.

Diapers for Diaper Cake
Roll the diapers.

Diaper Cake Tutorial
Just keep rolling.

Diaper Cake Rolled Diapers
After you roll all of the diapers, gather the diapers in large rubber bands. You will need approximately 35-40 diapers for the bottom tier, 20-25 diapers for the middle tier and 10-15 diapers for the top tier.

Make a Diaper Cake
I like to use an 8oz baby bottle hidden inside my diaper cakes to help hold the bottom two layers together. In this cake I used a Playtex Drop-Ins, but you can use any 8oz baby bottle.

See how it is sticking up out of the bottom layer.

Diaper Cake First Layer

Then you place the second layer on top and the bottle keeps the two layers secure around the hidden gift.

Diaper Cake Hidden Bottle

Once your diaper cake is built, it is time to decorate.

I am completely obsessed with muslin blankets. Not only are they cute, but they are perfect for everything. I use them as a swaddle, burp cloth, car seat cover, blanket, etc. Plus the Zoo-a-roo design is perfect for a jungle diaper cake.

Wrap each layer with a blanket and tie a ribbon securely around the blanket. On the top layer, I used an additional rubber band around the blanket to help hold it in place.

After wrapping each layer, attach various toys to the diaper cake.

Jungle Diaper Cake

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Two of those big boxes should be enough diapers to make 5 diaper cakes. Since I currently have four new babies recently born or soon to be born in my life, this is a great deal.

Stock up and save on Pampers Swaddlers at Sam’s Club and be ready to make a jungle diaper cake for the next baby in your life.

Jungle Diaper Cake Ideas

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