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I ended a 6-year relationship with my housekeeping service today. It’s been headed that way for months, but today was the last straw. With three kids (including a newborn), a full-time business, summer and a general dislike for cleaning — I am on the hunt again for a cleaning service. Talk about perfect timing, I recently joined as part of this sponsored post. 

Kid Cleaning

Did you know that I once worked in human resources? I was in charge of the hiring process for a company that grew from 5 people to 120 people. Although a bit rusty, I consider myself well-versed in the hiring process. simplifies the hiring process by offering a designated one-stop shop for family care. From tools to help better understand your family needs all the way through paying for services, you don’t have to be an HR professional to hire someone to help your family. is the world’s largest digital marketplace for finding and managing family care including housekeepers, sitters, nannies, senior care, dog walkers and more. It is the place to go for whether you need full-time or part-time help to manage your family’s needs. 

Wondering if can help you? One of the things I like is that you can join for free as a basic member. As a basic member you can begin your search for great local caregivers right away. This gives you a chance to see some of what is available through

When you are ready, it is easy to upgrade to premium membership, which allows you to reach out to service providers, check reviews and references, schedule interviews and even book and pay for care. Family Information

While searching through the listings for a housekeeper, I couldn’t help but peek at the listings for sitters too. There were pages and pages of options and each listing indicated how much experience the person had, ratings from other customers, desired pay and an introduction about the person. All the information you need to start you search for care. Once I get this housekeeper situation sorted out, perhaps I should find a sitter for a much needed date night. 

In addition to browsing the listings, you can also place a job listing. I set one up for my housekeeper search so applicants can apply directly to the position. In just a few hours several applications have come directly to my email. FYI – to contact someone about the job, you will need a premium membership, which gives you access to all of the tools.

It’s a big decision hiring someone to help with my family – I am quite particular after all. When I am are ready to hire someone, makes it easy to purchase a background check to help me make the best hiring decision. 

As for me, I am still searching for the right housekeeper for my family. In the mean time, summer break means I put my cuties to work.

Teach Kids to Clean makes life simpler for families everywhere. Whether you need childcare while you’re at work or want to line up the occasional date night sitter, is there for you.

Sign up now for, the world’s largest digital marketplace for finding and managing family care. From now through September 30, you can save 30% off a Premium Membership by signing up here or by using the coupon code SUBURBAN30. 

What kind of assistance does your family need that could help with?

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