PJ Masks Birthday Party Ideas And Free Printables

We celebrated my daughter’s 5th birthday with a PJ Masks birthday party. If you have a little one who is a fan of the show on Disney Junior, then you know PJ Masks birthday stuff is hard impossible to come by, which means the entire party was handmade. With a lot of love and patience, I created PJ Masks birthday party ideas that my little Owlette adored.

PJ Masks Birthday Party Ideas

PJ Masks Birthday Party Ideas

I stuck with the hero’s colors – green, blue and red throughout the party with black to represent night time. And the focal point of the party was the green, blue and red backdrop with the hand-cut cityscape silhouette and PJ Masks HQ. (I am so proud of my PJ Masks HQ, it turned out exactly how I wanted it, and I promise to share a PJ Masks HQ tutorial soon.)

PJ Masks Party Invitation

PJ Masks Party Favors

Upon arrival, we invited guests to become a hero by donning a mask, arm band and tattoo. Oh the cuteness! Originally, I planned to make masks myself for all of the guests, but since I am 6 months pregnant I decided to purchase masks from Etsy. After a lot of searching, I ordered these masks. (Note, I wanted exactly 8 masks for the invited guests so I asked the seller for a custom order. She did so in minutes – so feel free to ask for what you need.) 

PJ Masks Birthday Party

Since I purchased the masks, I saved money by making my own arm bands out of foam. Tutorial coming soon. 

The tattoos are also homemade because my daughter is obsessed with temporary tattoos, so she insisted on PJ Masks. The good news is they are SUPER easy to make. Tutorial and printable coming soon.  

PJ Masks Party Favors

PJ Masks Free Printable Signs

To decorate the party favor table, I created a couple of PJ Masks signs. I printed these at home on photo paper and slipped them into the frames for an easy PJ Masks party decoration. The third frame is a picture of my little Owlette in her costume I made for her (see below). 

PJ Masks Printable Party Decorations

Download the 8×10 Time to Be a Hero sign here.

Download the 5×7 Bedtime PJ Masks sign here.

Normally I make all of my party printables available as free downloads, but I am soooo sad to say that somehow I deleted an entire folder full of files and printables from my computer. It took me a while to realize the mistake, so they are gone forever. Sorry I don’t have the table tents or my Bingo game available to share. 

PJ Masks Owlette Costume

The birthday girl decided she wanted to dress up like Owlette for her party. When I first started planning the PJ Masks party you couldn’t even buy a Owlette Halloween costume. So, I set out to make my own. Plus, I really didn’t want a costume. I wanted a party outfit — that just happened to look like Owlette. This way she can wear her outfit to school — minus the wings and mask, of course.

DIY Owlette Costume

For my daughter’s Owlette outfit I purchased pieces from Etsy, and then I added Owlette’s crest to the dress with heat transfer vinyl:

PJ Masks Party Food

The PJ Masks party was themed all the way down to the food. For the party, we had the following party foods.

  • Ninjalino Nuggets
  • Hero Fruit (red = strawberries, blue = blueberries, green = grapes)
  • Romeo’s Experiment (green apple Jello) – in these mini beakers
  • Luna Girl’s Moon rocks (candy covered marshmallow pops)
  • Sticky Splat (candy covered popcorn in red, blue and green)
  • Super Hero Punch

PJ Masks Party Food Ideas

For the cake, my birthday girl wanted a cookie cake with PJ Masks toys on it. Luckily, stores started selling PJ Masks toys just before her birthday, so I was able to fulfill her cake wish. And the toys doubled as a birthday present given to her right before the party. (I used the Owlette here, Gekko here and Catboy here – this set of all the characters would also be cute.)

PJ Masks Birthday Cake

For the table, I used a combination of green, blue and red plates, napkins, cutlery, straws and cups. (It looked great against the black!) And to add an extra touch of PJ Masks I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut the PJ Masks crests out of vinyl and added them to the cups. It was actually very easy to do and made a big impact on the table. 

PJ Masks Party Supplies

I used removable vinyl for the wall logos, and after the party I transfered the vinyl to my daughters room. She loves having her PJ Masks decoration in her room, and when she tires of it it I will just peel it off and toss it. 

PJ Masks Party Supplies

The party was a huge success. Everyone had a great time, and most importantly the birthday girl’s PJ Masks dreams came true. 

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29 thoughts on “PJ Masks Birthday Party Ideas And Free Printables”

  1. Hi Jen, Here I can see some really cool ideas. Particularly, the PJ masks. I think we can try these on our son’s birthday party. Anyway, thanks a lot for sharing it with us.

  2. Hi there! these ideas are so great! will definitely be using them for my daughter’s birthday in May. Quick question, where did you get the masks from? I don’t think I saw a link for them?

  3. I was wondering if you have a tutorial for the wings? I was hoping to do it myself but wasn’t sure how to get a pattern for it.

    • It isn’t a template. I drew them. One of these days, I plan to post a tutorial with a template from what I created. I need more hours in the day!

  4. Planning a PJ Mask “superhero training party” for my son’s 3rd birthday in August….complete with Romeo stealing the birthday cake!!! Like your touches, especially the beaker idea! So much cuteness out there. Best wishes for a smooth pregnancy.

    • Thanks so much! I am sure your son’s party will be a hit! There are so many fun things to do with PJ Masks, and I love Romeo stealing the cake! Have a great party!

  5. Hi! Love the invitation. Do you have a downloadable version of it. I’m having my son’s birthday with a friend’s daughter. So some of my invitations have both kids names for the mutual invites, some have my son’s name, some need to have my friends daughter’s name and some need to be in French. So buying invitations on stay will cost me a lot cause I need 4 versions. So I was wondering if you were sharing yours an did in would be able to edit it. Thanks!

    • Hi Rosanne – Unfortunately, due to the way I created the invitation, I don’t have a editable file I can send. I do customize the invite for a fee, but all of those versions make it complicated. Additional names would change the spacing dramatically, and French would completely change things. I am afraid I don’t have an easy option for you on this one. Sorry!

  6. The detail in this DIY party is amazing! I’ll be attempting to duplicate your table set up at my daughter’s birthday party this weekend!!!

    • You are probably trying to print the screen, you need to download them to your computer first and then print them from your computer. Good luck.

    • It is black foam board. I sketched out the cityscape with a pencil and then used an Xacto blade to cut out the City skyline. Hope this helps.


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